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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Medea really crying when she sees her children with Jason?
(a) Probably because she will miss them when she leaves them in Corinth.
(b) Probably because she knows she will kill them all soon.
(c) Probably because she is so angry but can't show it.
(d) Probably because she imagines Jason's future family life and is grieving the loss of her own.

2. What does the Nurse fear at the beginning of the play?
(a) Jason will kill Medea for being too contrary.
(b) Medea will take violent revenge.
(c) She will lose her job in the divorce.
(d) The children will be upset when they see their parents fighting.

3. What does Medea want to know about the deaths she caused?
(a) If everyone knows she is responsible.
(b) Whether they were agonizing.
(c) How well the poison worked.
(d) If they were seen by a lot of people.

4. What is the Nurse's reaction when she learns what Jason thinks about the plan involving Medea?
(a) She is surprised.
(b) She doesn't really care.
(c) She is enraged.
(d) She is upset for Medea.

5. What is an oracle?
(a) A teacher in the use of herbs and potions.
(b) A king's advisor.
(c) A respected prophet.
(d) A new weapon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jason say dealing with Medea is hopeless?

2. What does Aegeus know when he swears the oath to Medea?

3. How is Creon poisoned?

4. What does Jason think influences women's judgment?

5. What has Jason said is his intent with regard to his children?

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