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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Medea claim she is refusing Jason's money?
(a) He doesn't have enough to give her.
(b) Money gained from a bad man is no good.
(c) She can get money from her family instead.
(d) She can provide adequately for herself.

2. What has Creon's experience been with showing mercy?
(a) It makes him many new friends.
(b) It yields large rewards in terms of public opinion.
(c) It gets him into trouble.
(d) It makes him look weak.

3. Why does Jason claim Medea should think his plan is good?
(a) It will provide funds for her and her children.
(b) It will free her up to pursue love elsewhere.
(c) She would like it if love weren't a factor.
(d) She will be able to travel like she always wanted.

4. Why is Aegeus near Medea's house?
(a) He came to cheer Medea up.
(b) Jason asked him to stop by and talk to Medea.
(c) He's on his way to see another friend.
(d) He heard Medea had threatened the king.

5. According to the chorus, what does excessive love bring?
(a) Destruction of reason.
(b) Pain for everyone involved.
(c) Either great happiness or great despair.
(d) Dangerous passion and foolishness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plans are made regarding Medea in order to facilitate the wedding?

2. What does Medea think about women who have been wronged by a lover?

3. What prevents Creon from helping Medea or seeing her point of view?

4. Why is Medea glad to see Jason at first?

5. Why does Medea think she might not be able to trust Aegeus?

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