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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the author emphasize several times that Medea is a "stranger in a strange land"?
(a) It makes her character more sympathetic.
(b) It makes it easier to see why she doesn't have many friends.
(c) It shows that she might not understand that murder is illegal.
(d) It reveals that Jason probably left her due to cultural differences.

2. What does Aegeus know when he swears the oath to Medea?
(a) Only that she is being exiled, not her plans for revenge.
(b) A little bit about her plans but not enough to incriminate himself.
(c) Everything about her plans to kill Jason and his bride.
(d) That Medea is angry and might harm herself.

3. How can Medea help Aegeus and his wife?
(a) She knows how to translate the prophecy.
(b) She can enable them to conceive a child.
(c) She is a very good housekeeper.
(d) She will let them adopt her children since they can't conceive.

4. How does the chorus feel about Jason after hearing of the deaths?
(a) That he deserves the pain.
(b) That he will need comfort from friends.
(c) That he may not recover from his grief.
(d) That he should have seen through Medea.

5. What does the princess do after trying out her new gifts?
(a) Hugs her father in joy.
(b) Looks in the mirror at her "lifeless image".
(c) Tells her courtiers to leave.
(d) Tries to get Jason to leave with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the chorus do when they learn of Medea's plans for revenge?

2. How well do Medea's enchantments appear to work in the play?

3. What wins the princess over to being willing to help Jason's children?

4. How does Medea think women generally feel?

5. What makes Creon sympathetic as a character?

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