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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take the poison to start working?
(a) A few hours.
(b) Less than an hour.
(c) It is almost immediate.
(d) The poison doesn't work.

2. Why does Aegeus swear an oath to Medea?
(a) To keep her from poisoning his family.
(b) To prove he is trustworthy.
(c) So she will heal his wife.
(d) So she can call on him for assistance in the future.

3. Why is Medea advised to flee Corinth?
(a) The army is being mobilized to execute her on sight.
(b) She was supposed to leave before sunrise.
(c) The borders will soon be closed to travelers.
(d) Everyone knows she is responsible for the deaths.

4. What supernatural ability is Medea said to have?
(a) It's not specifically said, but she is called a witch.
(b) She is able to read thoughts and project her own.
(c) The ability to curse people to die horribly.
(d) The ability to foretell and change the future.

5. What character does the chorus have the most pity for?
(a) Creon.
(b) The princess.
(c) Medea.
(d) Jason.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word best describes Medea's emotional reaction to Creon?

2. What does the chorus, after hearing Medea's plans, say about relations between men and women?

3. What plot problem does Aegeus solve in his scene?

4. Why doesn't Aegeus want to risk offending Creon?

5. What title does Aegeus hold?

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