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Chapter Abstracts

* The action of the play begins with the Nurse explaining how Medea came to be in Corinth.

* She wishes that Jason and his ship the Argo had never successfully completed the quest for the Golden Fleece, because then he never would have met Medea and set a horrific chain of events into motion.

* The Nurse also gives the first glimpse of Medea's penchant for violence by revealing that Medea persuaded two royal daughters to kill their father in order for Jason to escape.

* Most recently, Jason has announced that he intends to leave Medea in order to marry the wealthy daughter of Creon, King of Corinth.

* Medea is deeply hurt and angry, and cries out to the gods for revenge and justice while ignoring her children.

* The Nurse is afraid that Medea is planning violent revenge against Jason and his lover.

* The Tutor arrives with the children...

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