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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Isabella think should accuse Angelo of fornication?
(a) The Duke.
(b) Mariana.
(c) Juliet.
(d) Isabella.

2. What are the men reading letters from the Duke worried about?
(a) The Duke's sanity.
(b) The Duke's reputation.
(c) The Duke's safety.
(d) The Duke's judgment.

3. What does the Duke warn Isabella of when Angelo is accused?
(a) He may not take her side at first.
(b) She will not be believed.
(c) Escalus will accuse her of treachery.
(d) Angelo will be angry.

4. Why is Angelo's fiancee reluctant to be a part of the Duke's plan?
(a) She does not love Angelo anymore.
(b) She does not want to make Angelo angry.
(c) She does not want to sin.
(d) She does not want to hurt Isabella's feelings.

5. Why does Angelo choose to not marry his fiancee?
(a) Her dowry was lost.
(b) She was not virtuous.
(c) Her brother was a shame to his name.
(d) He lost interest in her.

6. Why does Angelo think the person he wronged will not speak out against him?
(a) He saw her joining the convent.
(b) He is too powerful.
(c) She is in mourning.
(d) She is too scared.

7. Who escorts Mariana to the city gate?
(a) The Provost.
(b) The Duke.
(c) Angelo.
(d) Friar Peter.

8. Whose child does Mistress Overdone raise?
(a) The Duke's.
(b) Angelo's.
(c) Claudio's.
(d) Lucio's.

9. Why does Pompey's friend refuse to pay his bail this time?
(a) He deserves to go to jail.
(b) His friend needs the money for something else.
(c) He never repaid the last bail that was posted.
(d) He did not pay his friend's bail.

10. Who leads Mistress Overdone into the prison in Act 3?
(a) The Provost.
(b) Elbow.
(c) Escalus.
(d) Angelo.

11. What does Isabella tell Claudio she wishes for him as she leaves after telling him about Angelo's proposition?
(a) A quick death.
(b) Pain and suffering.
(c) A quiet conscience.
(d) Merciful judgment.

12. What does the Duke give to the person who knows his disguise at the end of Act 4?
(a) Edicts.
(b) Directions.
(c) Money.
(d) Letters.

13. Who is the first woman the Duke sees at the beginning of Act 4?
(a) Isabella.
(b) Juliet.
(c) Mariana.
(d) Maria.

14. What does Lucio tell the disguised Duke that he has seen the Duke do?
(a) Drink heavily.
(b) Enter whorehouses.
(c) Cheat on his wife.
(d) Applaud bawds.

15. What is Ragozine's crime?
(a) Prostitution.
(b) Piracy.
(c) Treason.
(d) Adultery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isabella threaten to do to Angelo when he tells her Claudio is dead?

2. Who is the only person who knows that the Duke is in disguise?

3. What is the first woman doing that the Duke sees in Act 4?

4. Why does Barnardine refuse to be executed in Claudio's place?

5. How long does the Duke order Claudio's execution to be delayed for?

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