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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hepburn wonder about Tracy and his wife?
(a) She wondered if Tracy ever loved his wife.
(b) She wondered if Tracy ever wanted to return to his wife's side.
(c) She wondered if Tracy made life harder for his wife by not divorcing her.
(d) She wondered if Tracy had been a good husband.

2. Who did Hepburn take voice lessons from first?
(a) Finnigan Ralph-Dern.
(b) Frederick Ramses-Dout.
(c) Franklin Rockland-Delaware.
(d) Frances Robinson-Duff.

3. Why was the leg Hepburn broke in the accident already sensitive to injury?
(a) Hepburn had sprained her ankle the day before the accident.
(b) She had broken it as a child and it never healed properly.
(c) She had gotten an artificial hip for that particular leg.
(d) Hepburn had suffered pain in her knee for several years.

4. When did Hepburn fall in love with Tracy?
(a) During the making of their first movie.
(b) After meeting him at the Academy Awards.
(c) After spending some time with him at a party.
(d) When they worked on a play together.

5. What did Hepburn hope about the trip to get the car?
(a) That it would help Willie get back on his feet.
(b) That she would be able to relax for the first time in years.
(c) That Willie would offer her a job afterward.
(d) That she an Willie could start a relationship.

6. How did Hepburn react to the problem with the wardrobe people in Chapter 4?
(a) She was indifferent.
(b) She was angry and hurt.
(c) She was very amused.
(d) She was embarassed.

7. Where was The Corn is Green made?
(a) Wales.
(b) England.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Scotland.

8. What part of her face was Hepburn not happy with in Chapter 5?
(a) Her lips.
(b) Her eyes.
(c) Her chin.
(d) Her nose.

9. What was the second problem during the making of The Corn is Green?
(a) The weather was horrible.
(b) The lighting people decided to leave.
(c) The shooting location got flooded.
(d) The leading man fell ill.

10. What had the first voice instructor failed at teaching Hepburn?
(a) How to warm-up before a performance.
(b) How to stand properly while singing.
(c) How to use her diaphragm.
(d) Hepburn's vocal range.

11. What did Hepburn anticipate after the weekend she had in Chapter 4?
(a) That she would be teased for the following week.
(b) That she would have many aches and pains.
(c) That she would be spending fewer weekends alone at home.
(d) That her friends would avoid her from then on.

12. What was Hepburn doing with Selznick in Chapter 4?
(a) Working on some choreography.
(b) Co-starring in a film.
(c) Starting a production company.
(d) Working on a script.

13. What did the nurse tell Hepburn and Phyllis to do to calm themselves down in Chapter 5?
(a) Try to take a nap.
(b) Watch some TV.
(c) Take some painkillers.
(d) Drink some whiskey.

14. Where were Hepburn, Phyllis and Sarah headed when they got a flat tire?
(a) New York.
(b) Martha's Vineyard.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Washington.

15. What is one reason Hepburn and Tracy did not marry?
(a) Hepburn was still married.
(b) Tracy's contact stated he could not marry.
(c) Hepburn never wanted to marry.
(d) Tracy was already married.

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem with the wardrobe people took place during the making of The Corn is Green?

2. After their relationship, how did Hepburn feel about Tracy?

3. In what state did Hepburn find Willie after not seeing him for some time in Chapter 4?

4. In what written form does Hepburn write the section about her trip with Willie?

5. What did Hepburn's brother never listen to?

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