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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the nurse tell Hepburn and Phyllis to do to calm themselves down in Chapter 5?
(a) Take some painkillers.
(b) Try to take a nap.
(c) Watch some TV.
(d) Drink some whiskey.

2. Who was in the hospital with Hepburn?
(a) Phyllis.
(b) Hepburn's friend Barbara.
(c) Spencer Tracy's daughter.
(d) Hepburn's sister.

3. Who was Sarah Forbes?
(a) Hepburn's makeup artist.
(b) Hepburn's interior decorator.
(c) Hepburn's sister-in-law.
(d) Hepburn's friend.

4. How is the beginning of Hepburn's relationship with Rose described?
(a) As rocky.
(b) As aggressive.
(c) As friendly.
(d) As romantic.

5. What did the man who helped Hepburn in Chapter 5 comment about her?
(a) That she looked a lot like Katharine Hepburn.
(b) That she is the spitting image of his mother.
(c) That she shouldn't call the police over car trouble.
(d) That she has a bad sense of direction.

6. By the time Hepburn reached Tracy after hearing him fall in Chapter 6, in what state was Tracy?
(a) He was unconscious.
(b) He was on the floor and holding his ankle.
(c) He had regained his footing.
(d) He was already dead.

7. How long were Hepburn and Tracy together?
(a) Eight years.
(b) Twenty years.
(c) Twenty-seven years.
(d) Thirteen years.

8. What did Tracy's wife tell Hepburn a few days after Tracy's death?
(a) That Tracy had had numerous lovers during their marriage.
(b) That up until his death she had thought that Tracy's relationship with Hepburn was just a rumor.
(c) That Tracy was her best friend.
(d) That Tracy and she were very happy until he met Hepburn.

9. How old was Hepburn when she fell in love with Tracy?
(a) Forty years old.
(b) Twenty-seven years old.
(c) Thirty-six years old.
(d) Thirty-three years old.

10. What did Tracy leave Hepburn with when he died?
(a) A small fortune.
(b) Lots of regrets.
(c) A lot of questions.
(d) Many debts.

11. In what state did Hepburn find Willie after not seeing him for some time in Chapter 4?
(a) He was drunk and out of work.
(b) He was ill and staying in a hospital.
(c) He was homeless due to gambling.
(d) He was retired and living abroad.

12. What type of establishment was Willie's car collected from?
(a) A dealership.
(b) A factory.
(c) An automobile museum.
(d) A movie studio.

13. Who did Hepburn seek out for help on a script in Chapter 4?
(a) Walter Iris.
(b) Wilber Daisy.
(c) Willie Rose.
(d) Wade Lily.

14. What is one reason Hepburn and Tracy did not marry?
(a) Tracy was already married.
(b) Hepburn was still married.
(c) Hepburn never wanted to marry.
(d) Tracy's contact stated he could not marry.

15. What part of her face was Hepburn not happy with in Chapter 5?
(a) Her eyes.
(b) Her lips.
(c) Her nose.
(d) Her chin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What area of performing was Hepburn never confident with?

2. Why did Hepburn and Tracy try to keep their relationship private?

3. According to Hepburn, she never quit when what still has to be done?

4. What prolonged Hepburn's hospital stay?

5. What was Tracy doing in the kitchen when Hepburn joined him there soon before he died?

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