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Chapter I

• Hepburn grew up in Hartford, Connecticut.

• Hepburn's maternal grandparents died young and her mother was passed between relatives until she was an adult.

• Hepburn says her mother taught her children to take what life gives you and make the best of it.

• Hepburn's father was a doctor. He was close to his mother and was sensitive to women.

• Hepburn's parents had six children - Hepburn is close to all of her surviving siblings.

• Hepburn recalls her father leading she and her siblings on adventures.

• Hepburn's oldest brother died when he was a teenager - the death was ruled a suicide though Dr. Hepburn never accepted this.

• Hepburn's mother died in 1951. Her father remarried a woman named Santa some years later.

• The Hepburn vacation home is called Fenwick - it is still a gathering place for the whole family.

• Hepburn recalls breaking into homes in Fenwick for...

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