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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Japanese cartoon Fatty and Skinny makes Sedaris sad because
(a) Fatty is unable to meet Skinny's demands and loses his friendship.
(b) Fatty always rejects Skinny in the end.
(c) Skinny always demands money from Fatty.
(d) Skinny is unable to meet Fatty's demands, and ends up friendless.

2. Despite his experiences, Sedaris still finds the view of Manhattan and the fantasy of wealth
(a) Inspiring.
(b) Illusory.
(c) Contemptible.
(d) Confining.

3. Sedaris' mother might be described as
(a) A theorist.
(b) An inventor.
(c) Pragmatic.
(d) Visionary.

4. The title Sedaris tried to win for sun-bathing was
(a) Miss Skin Cancer.
(b) Miss Sunburn.
(c) Miss Sunscreen.
(d) Miss Emollient.

5. Why is it difficult for Sedaris to travel with a typewriter?
(a) Security finds the typewriter unusual enough to stop him regularly.
(b) Security usually does not know what a typewriter is.
(c) The typewriter is heavy and cumbersome.
(d) Sedaris insults security, and this calls attention to him and his typewriter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What finally convinces Sedaris that the computer might be interesting or enjoyable?

2. Sedaris discussed his speech therapy sessions

3. The scientific term Sedaris fears his father will use is

4. When Mancini insists he name his guitar, Sedaris names his "Joan," after

5. Valencia is

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Sedaris' attitude toward the wealthy at the start of the essay?

2. What are the main differences between Sedaris and his father outlined in the chapter?

3. Why does Sedaris suggest Miss Sampson's "timing was off" when she reveals her human side during their last session?

4. What attributes of Paul's relationship with his father seem to balance out his directness and crude behavior?

5. When does Sedaris come to understand his parents' experience with dying pets?

6. What does Sedaris find unusual about the way the food in his neighborhood restaurants is served on the plate.

7. What is significant about the title Go Carolina?

8. How has Sedaris' mother explained bodily functions?

9. Why does Sedaris feel the need to offer a comment to the final performance artist he mentions in the essay before he leaves?

10. Describe Amy Sedaris' appearance in the much-anticipated magazine article.

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