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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One aspect of the food that disturbs Sedaris is
(a) That it is piled in an unrecognizable heap.
(b) That it is arranged to look like a face on his plate.
(c) That it is stacked vertically on his plate.
(d) That it is laid out in a horizontal line.

2. Sedaris believed he was living art because
(a) He allowed a friend to shoot him in the shoulder.
(b) He sold silk sceens of footprints.
(c) He was finally off drugs and moving past performance art.
(d) He was on drugs and deluded by his own sense of self-importance.

3. By way of explanation, Amy Sedaris explains her "bruises" and "sores" by saying
(a) She is finally in love.
(b) She fell down the stairs.
(c) Her public should love her no matter what she looks like.
(d) Her father beat her up.

4. Ironically, Sedaris and his siblings mock the fisherman's tan skin because
(a) It does not take the same kind of effort to achieve.
(b) It looks hard and leathery.
(c) It looks fake.
(d) It has been ruined by saltwater.

5. Sedaris decides to make his students more comfortable by
(a) Allowing them to smoke in class.
(b) Sharing his private life with them.
(c) Letting them design the class activities.
(d) Allowing them to drink in class.

Short Answer Questions

1. The dog Mr. and Mrs. Sedaris coddled as empty-nesters was

2. Ironically, the food at the restaurant is described as

3. What instrument does Sedaris' father choose for him?

4. While Sedaris has been preoccupied with tanning, his father has been preoccupied with

5. The Japanese cartoon Fatty and Skinny makes Sedaris sad because

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sedaris' mother respond to the music lessons the kids are taking?

2. Why does Sedaris believe his his parents are so lenient with Melina, the Great Dane?

3. Why does Sedaris feel the need to offer a comment to the final performance artist he mentions in the essay before he leaves?

4. Describe Sedaris' tone in relation to his own artistic talents.

5. Why does Sedaris feel his father admired jazz so much as a young man?

6. Why does Sedaris claim he lives in constant fear as Mr. Sedaris?

7. What is significant about the title Go Carolina?

8. What does Sedaris find unusual about the way the food in his neighborhood restaurants is served on the plate.

9. How does the statement "You Can't Kill the Rooster" relate to Paul's personality?

10. How are Sedaris' parents described differently in the chapter?

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