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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sedaris is disappointed when
(a) Police help the blonde woman at the fair.
(b) Police inform him that the accident is not a planned part of the show.
(c) Police make everyone leave the scene at the Paris fair.
(d) Police accuse him of being a gawker.

2. Though the teacher ridicules him in the end, Sedaris is proud because
(a) He has finally learned to defend himself in French.
(b) He thinks she is complimenting him.
(c) He understands every word she is saying.
(d) He agrees with her.

3. At first, Sedaris resists the Walkman because
(a) He believes it is a vulgar accessory.
(b) He believes it is dangerous.
(c) He believes it will make his hair look bad.
(d) He believes they are too expensive.

4. Sedaris confesses his own fear is that
(a) His self-worth is reflected by his ex-boyfriend's indifference.
(b) His self-worth is based on how many facts he can memorize.
(c) His self-worth is based on completion of the puzzles.
(d) His self-worth is determined by the reference books.

5. When men are injured by the vachettes, Sedaris
(a) Laughs aloud.
(b) Cries out and has to leave the arena.
(c) Is overcome with joy.
(d) Cries out and grabs his neighbors.

6. In The Knockout, Sedaris is dismayed to find
(a) Many groups want him to represent their cause in the ring.
(b) No one believes he can win the fight.
(c) Many groups object to his fighting since he has no passion for it.
(d) He is too old to enter a boxing match.

7. When Sedaris completes his first puzzle,
(a) He carries it around proudly in his wallet.
(b) He decides it is too easy for him.
(c) He calls his ex-boyfriend to brag about it.
(d) He calls his father to seek his approval.

8. Sedaris bonds with the other students
(a) Over the common fear that they will never learn French.
(b) Over their common fear of failing the class.
(c) Over their hatred for the teacher.
(d) Over the common hope that their teacher will like them.

9. Ultimately, Sedaris decides
(a) He wanted to see someone gored by the vachettes.
(b) He still needed a good cocktail party story.
(c) He wanted to return to the fair to see if the blonde girl was alright.
(d) He felt no pleasure in watching the men get injured by the vachettes.

10. Sedaris deals with his new fear of speaking French by
(a) Forcing himself to join in conversations.
(b) Pretending to be deaf.
(c) Writing down all his comments.
(d) Speaking only Enlish.

11. Tea keeps Sedaris awake because
(a) It is caffeinated and makes him need to use the bathroom.
(b) It is considered "decaf," which offends him.
(c) He can only drink a cup or two before it makes him sick.
(d) He does not like the taste of it.

12. According to Sedaris, speaking Easy French means
(a) Screaming English at the top of your lungs.
(b) Using only nouns.
(c) Speaking only conversational French.
(d) Memorizing phrases from a guidebook.

13. Sedaris decides to try a crossword puzzle when
(a) His father suggests he is not smart enought to do them.
(b) He discovers his ex-boyfriend does them while on the phone.
(c) He discovers Hugh does them while on the phone.
(d) His father suggests he try a new hobby.

14. Sedaris initially offends the American couple by
(a) Crowding the couple with his body.
(b) Admitting that he speaks English.
(c) Grabbing on to a support pole they are clinging to.
(d) Refusing to acknowlege their questions.

15. Instead of listening to French language tapes, Sedaris listens to
(a) Children's books on tape.
(b) Old rock and roll tape.
(c) American books on tape.
(d) French text books on tape.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sedaris claims he sees so many movies because

2. Even without the language barrier, Sedaris doubts people can communicate clearly about

3. Martin, the American husband, remarks that

4. What does Sedaris admit to feeling for America?

5. Sedaris says he sounds like an evil baby when speaking French because

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