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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Miss Sampson attempts to illustrate Sedaris' speech problem by
(a) Insisting Sedaris only use 's' words.
(b) Asking the rest of the class to comment on it.
(c) Making fun of his lisp at every opportunity.
(d) Over enunciating her 's' sounds.

2. What is Lou Sedaris excited about at the start of the essay?
(a) His daughter, Amy, is going to appear in a magazine article.
(b) His daughter, Amy, is getting married.
(c) David is going to appear in a magazine article.
(d) His daughter ,Amy, has lost a considerable amount of weight.

3. Before Paul's personality fully emerged, his parents tried to interest him in
(a) Math and science.
(b) Girls and dating.
(c) Music and sports.
(d) Writing and painting.

4. How does Sedaris prepare to teach his workshop?
(a) He writes elaborate lesson plans.
(b) He practices introducing himself in front of the mirror while holding a briefcase.
(c) He reads articles by famous writers.
(d) He organizes several get-to-know-you activities.

5. By way of explanation, Amy Sedaris explains her "bruises" and "sores" by saying
(a) Her public should love her no matter what she looks like.
(b) She fell down the stairs.
(c) She is finally in love.
(d) Her father beat her up.

6. The question "Which do you like better, State or Carolina?" refers to
(a) Contenders for the Superbowl title.
(b) Two different titles for one football team.
(c) University football teams.
(d) Two local towns.

7. Sedaris decides to make his students more comfortable by
(a) Sharing his private life with them.
(b) Letting them design the class activities.
(c) Allowing them to drink in class.
(d) Allowing them to smoke in class.

8. Sedaris recalls that his mother explained
(a) That one should never leave a toilet unflushed.
(b) That everyone had bowel movements, so he should not be ashamed about them.
(c) That one should never make a bowel movement at another's home.
(d) That everyone had bowel movements, but that we should not admit to them.

9. Who or what threatens to divide Sedaris' class?
(a) Sedaris' Pillow Talk segment, where students discussed their personal lives.
(b) An asthmatic who protected the smoking rule in class.
(c) The teenage freshmen students.
(d) An older returning student who claimed he was wasting her time.

10. Sedaris and his father seem to
(a) Be angry at each other most of the time.
(b) Have few common interests.
(c) Try to make each other unhappy.
(d) Have an unusually close realtionship

11. What finally convinces Sedaris that the computer might be interesting or enjoyable?
(a) His father convinces him that he can work much faster on a computer.
(b) Amy shows him how to use the word processor.
(c) Amy shows him Internet pornography.
(d) His father tells him how the Internet can connect the world.

12. Sedaris' attempt to recruit his guitar teacher for his jingle-singing act results in
(a) Rejection.
(b) Understanding.
(c) Acceptance.
(d) Comaraderie.

13. Mr. Mancini makes Sedaris uncomfortable by constantly referring to
(a) Women and sex.
(b) Popular songs Sedaris does not know.
(c) Jazz musicians.
(d) Men and sex.

14. Amy Sedaris is fond of
(a) Dressing up and impersonating others.
(b) Having her picture taken for the newspaper.
(c) Gaining and losing weight haphazardly.
(d) Impersonating her father.

15. Sedaris believed he was living art because
(a) He was finally off drugs and moving past performance art.
(b) He was on drugs and deluded by his own sense of self-importance.
(c) He allowed a friend to shoot him in the shoulder.
(d) He sold silk sceens of footprints.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his gourmet meal, Sedaris elects to

2. One bi-product of new computer technology that Sedaris finds unfortunate is

3. Ironically, the food at the restaurant is described as

4. Sedaris' mother connects most closely with

5. Lou Sedaris said his daughters would thank him for

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