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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sedaris and his father seem to
(a) Try to make each other unhappy.
(b) Be angry at each other most of the time.
(c) Have few common interests.
(d) Have an unusually close realtionship

2. Sedaris' attempt to recruit his guitar teacher for his jingle-singing act results in
(a) Acceptance.
(b) Understanding.
(c) Comaraderie.
(d) Rejection.

3. Why are the fishermen interested in Lou Sedaris' equation?
(a) They are interested in the number of grains of sand per acre.
(b) They want to know if he is interested in buying property.
(c) They want to know how much their property would have been worth today.
(d) They want to know why he is drawing in the sand.

4. Miss Sampson asks the previous question in order to
(a) Provoke an argument about football.
(b) Determine whether or not she will like Sedaris.
(c) Trick Sedaris into revealing his disdain for sports.
(d) Get Sedaris talking so she might hear his lisp.

5. Sedaris goes to work for Patrick because
(a) Patrick has the same contempt for the wealthy that Sedaris feels.
(b) Valencia has demanded he and Patrick catch a rare bird.
(c) Valencia has cut his hours, and Patrick offers him a job moving furniture.
(d) Valencia has refused to pay him, and Patrick is wealthy.

6. Sedaris confesses his desire to perform what songs before an audience?
(a) Blues classics.
(b) Pop songs.
(c) Commercial jingles.
(d) Jazz classics.

7. What instrument does Sedaris' father choose for him?
(a) Piano.
(b) Trumpet.
(c) Guitar.
(d) Flute.

8. Why is Sedaris unable to ignore the problem?
(a) Everyone else knows he has been in the bathroom.
(b) Everyone else has already tried to clean it up an failed.
(c) He feels guilty about leaving a mess behind for others to clean up.
(d) He is obsessive about cleanliness.

9. Rather than sports, Sedaris states that he and his fellow speech therapy students were more interested in
(a) Playing video games.
(b) Studying and graduating early.
(c) Baking, making scrapbooks, and doing art projects.
(d) Fighting and lifting weights.

10. In the bathroom, the major problem Sedaris faces is
(a) A broken sink.
(b) His fears about other people's germs.
(c) An unflushed toilet.
(d) His proximity to the dinner party outside the window.

11. What passion does Sedaris' father attempt to share with his children?
(a) His love of guitar.
(b) His love of North Carolina.
(c) His love of jazz.
(d) His love of quartets.

12. Sedaris justifies viewing soap operas in class by
(a) Arguing that soap operas taught attention to character.
(b) Creating a writing assignment in which students predicted upcoming events.
(c) Arguing that soap operas were an eduring fom of writing.
(d) Creating an assignment in which students wrote their own soap operas.

13. Sedaris compares his father's most recent dog, Sophie, to
(a) A trophy wife.
(b) A capricious young bride.
(c) An inexperienced substitute teacher.
(d) A substitute wife.

14. Sedaris fears his father is not up to the task of caring for his new dog, Sophie, because
(a) She is violent and does not obey him.
(b) He is older now, and she is old and dying.
(c) He is older now, and she is young and strong.
(d) He is not as attentive to pets as he used to be.

15. Sedaris' father asks him if he knows
(a) Why the fishermen are so tan.
(b) How many fish there are in the ocean.
(c) If he is aware of the dangers of sun-tanning.
(d) How many grains of sand there are in the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What adds to Sedaris' tension while he is in the bathroom?

2. Sedaris' mother connects most closely with

3. Sedaris finally recognizes Mr. Mancini as a fellow outsider when

4. In the end, Sedaris' authority is undermined when

5. During his experience as a mover, Sedaris begins to change because

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