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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Sedaris admires in his sister Gretchen is
(a) Her own personality.
(b) Her indifference to art.
(c) Her admission to art school.
(d) Her talent as a sculptor.

2. Sedaris enjoys Alisha's visits because
(a) She never brings guests.
(b) She has her own opinions on New York.
(c) She is independent and always goes out on her own.
(d) She is willing to do whatever anyone else wants to do.

3. Sedaris resents his father's approach toward art because
(a) It seems to come easily to his father, yet he does not invest in it.
(b) He knows his father's talent has not passed on to him.
(c) Art eludes both him and his father, but his father is viewed as an artist.
(d) He wants to be like his father, but cannot be.

4. What is Lou Sedaris excited about at the start of the essay?
(a) His daughter, Amy, is getting married.
(b) His daughter, Amy, is going to appear in a magazine article.
(c) His daughter ,Amy, has lost a considerable amount of weight.
(d) David is going to appear in a magazine article.

5. Miss Sampson attempts to illustrate Sedaris' speech problem by
(a) Insisting Sedaris only use 's' words.
(b) Over enunciating her 's' sounds.
(c) Asking the rest of the class to comment on it.
(d) Making fun of his lisp at every opportunity.

6. Instead of the performance piece in the twelfth "moment," Sedaris seems to admire
(a) The metaphors apparent in the performance.
(b) The courage of the performer.
(c) The beauty of the ordinary world around him.
(d) The number of people attending the performance.

7. Sedaris' first artistic success takes the form of
(a) A frying pan full of toy soldiers.
(b) Toe nail clippings.
(c) A nest of human hair.
(d) Two wooden crates filled with garbage.

8. One aspect of the food that disturbs Sedaris is
(a) That it is piled in an unrecognizable heap.
(b) That it is arranged to look like a face on his plate.
(c) That it is stacked vertically on his plate.
(d) That it is laid out in a horizontal line.

9. By way of explanation, Amy Sedaris explains her "bruises" and "sores" by saying
(a) Her public should love her no matter what she looks like.
(b) She fell down the stairs.
(c) Her father beat her up.
(d) She is finally in love.

10. Lou Sedaris once dreamed that computers would
(a) Connect people to their jobs at all times.
(b) Eliminate the need for typewriters.
(c) Eliminate the need to leave his home.
(d) Connect people all over the world.

11. Sedaris feels out of place in the restaurant because
(a) He has to borrow a jacket from the maitre d'.
(b) He is on his first date with Hugh.
(c) He does not like any of the food.
(d) He cannot understand the menu.

12. Sedaris discussed his speech therapy sessions
(a) With other speech therapy students.
(b) Only with his father.
(c) With his sisters.
(d) Only with his mother.

13. Lou Sedaris said his daughters would thank him for
(a) Encouraging them to exercise.
(b) Harrassing them about their weight.
(c) Introducing them to eligible men.
(d) Encouraging them about their looks.

14. When visiting home, Amy tortures her father by
(a) Claiming that he is grossly overweight.
(b) Pretending she refused to appear in the magazine article.
(c) Wearing a fat suit and pretending to be grossly overweight.
(d) Ignoring his questions about her personal life.

15. Before Paul's personality fully emerged, his parents tried to interest him in
(a) Girls and dating.
(b) Math and science.
(c) Music and sports.
(d) Writing and painting.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sedaris' attempt to recruit his guitar teacher for his jingle-singing act results in

2. The sign Sedaris would post on the Speech Therapist's door would read

3. What prompts Sedaris to find a job in New York?

4. During his experience as a mover, Sedaris begins to change because

5. What adds to Sedaris' tension while he is in the bathroom?

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