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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sedaris confesses his desire to perform what songs before an audience?
(a) Commercial jingles.
(b) Blues classics.
(c) Pop songs.
(d) Jazz classics.

2. Sedaris' enjoyment of the ocean was ruined by
(a) His mother's comparing it to a saltwater toilet.
(b) His father's explanation of the tides.
(c) His interest in sun-bathing.
(d) His experiences swimming in it.

3. Before Paul's personality fully emerged, his parents tried to interest him in
(a) Music and sports.
(b) Girls and dating.
(c) Writing and painting.
(d) Math and science.

4. What adds to Sedaris' tension while he is in the bathroom?
(a) He needs to use the toilet himself.
(b) He can hear the others beginning to talk about him outside.
(c) His friend keeps asking him what he is doing in there.
(d) His friend keeps knocking on the door to hurry him up.

5. Two extreme facets of Paul's personality are
(a) Drinking Mountain Dew and wearing make-up.
(b) Eating candy and refusing to work.
(c) Fighting and swearing.
(d) Studying and reading.

6. Bonnie comes to enjoy New York when
(a) She visits the flea market with Sedaris and is pleasantly surprised by it.
(b) She visits the sites where no New Yorkers will visit.
(c) She takes Sedaris' suggestion to dress appropriately.
(d) She visits the Plaza at tea time and discovers the real New York.

7. Sedaris discovers that most of the boys in speech therapy are
(a) Unpopular and uninterested in sports.
(b) Unable to pronounce consonants correctly.
(c) Popular and smart.
(d) Unlike himself.

8. Mr. Mancini makes Sedaris uncomfortable by constantly referring to
(a) Women and sex.
(b) Popular songs Sedaris does not know.
(c) Jazz musicians.
(d) Men and sex.

9. Sedaris decides to make his students more comfortable by
(a) Letting them design the class activities.
(b) Allowing them to drink in class.
(c) Allowing them to smoke in class.
(d) Sharing his private life with them.

10. Why are the fishermen interested in Lou Sedaris' equation?
(a) They want to know why he is drawing in the sand.
(b) They want to know how much their property would have been worth today.
(c) They are interested in the number of grains of sand per acre.
(d) They want to know if he is interested in buying property.

11. In the end, Sedaris decides
(a) He can not do anything about the situation.
(b) He does not feel threatened by others' opinions of him.
(c) He will tell the other guests the truth about his experience.
(d) He will try to figure out the culprit when he returns to dinner.

12. Ironically, Sedaris and his siblings mock the fisherman's tan skin because
(a) It does not take the same kind of effort to achieve.
(b) It looks fake.
(c) It looks hard and leathery.
(d) It has been ruined by saltwater.

13. Sedaris wonders at the way Paul and his father
(a) Continue to live under the same roof.
(b) Communicate so well.
(c) Avoid one another.
(d) Have learned to endure one another.

14. Miss Sampson asks the previous question in order to
(a) Provoke an argument about football.
(b) Determine whether or not she will like Sedaris.
(c) Trick Sedaris into revealing his disdain for sports.
(d) Get Sedaris talking so she might hear his lisp.

15. Sedaris compares his father's most recent dog, Sophie, to
(a) A substitute wife.
(b) A trophy wife.
(c) An inexperienced substitute teacher.
(d) A capricious young bride.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rather than sports, Sedaris states that he and his fellow speech therapy students were more interested in

2. When Mancini insists he name his guitar, Sedaris names his "Joan," after

3. Sedaris describes his guitar teacher as

4. During his experience as a mover, Sedaris begins to change because

5. How does Sedaris prepare to teach his workshop?

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