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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prompts Lou Sedaris to enroll his children in music lessons?
(a) He attends a concert for the Von Trapp Family Singers.
(b) He attends a concert for Dave Brubeck and his sons.
(c) His attends a rock concert with his children.
(d) He attends a jazz festival with his children.

2. Who or what threatens to divide Sedaris' class?
(a) An asthmatic who protected the smoking rule in class.
(b) An older returning student who claimed he was wasting her time.
(c) The teenage freshmen students.
(d) Sedaris' Pillow Talk segment, where students discussed their personal lives.

3. The title Sedaris tried to win for sun-bathing was
(a) Miss Emollient.
(b) Miss Sunscreen.
(c) Miss Sunburn.
(d) Miss Skin Cancer.

4. What instrument does Sedaris' father choose for him?
(a) Piano.
(b) Flute.
(c) Guitar.
(d) Trumpet.

5. The Japanese cartoon Fatty and Skinny makes Sedaris sad because
(a) Fatty always rejects Skinny in the end.
(b) Skinny always demands money from Fatty.
(c) Skinny is unable to meet Fatty's demands, and ends up friendless.
(d) Fatty is unable to meet Skinny's demands and loses his friendship.

6. What adds to Sedaris' tension while he is in the bathroom?
(a) He can hear the others beginning to talk about him outside.
(b) He needs to use the toilet himself.
(c) His friend keeps asking him what he is doing in there.
(d) His friend keeps knocking on the door to hurry him up.

7. Before Paul's personality fully emerged, his parents tried to interest him in
(a) Math and science.
(b) Writing and painting.
(c) Music and sports.
(d) Girls and dating.

8. At the end of the essay, Miss Sampson tricks Sedaris by
(a) Making him continue to take speech therapy.
(b) Forcing him to speak in front of the class.
(c) Getting him to say "I'm sorry."
(d) Getting him to overcome his lisp.

9. Bonnie comes to enjoy New York when
(a) She visits the sites where no New Yorkers will visit.
(b) She takes Sedaris' suggestion to dress appropriately.
(c) She visits the Plaza at tea time and discovers the real New York.
(d) She visits the flea market with Sedaris and is pleasantly surprised by it.

10. Sedaris refuses to order dessert because
(a) It contains fattening creme fraiche.
(b) He is insulted by the waiter's suggestion that he is counting calories.
(c) He cannot pronounce it.
(d) It contains non-traditional ingredients like luncheon meat.

11. After his gourmet meal, Sedaris elects to
(a) Eat a plate of nachos at the movies.
(b) Grab a burger at a fast-food place.
(c) Grab a hot dog on the way to the movies.
(d) Eat a huge bucket of popcorn at the movies.

12. Mr. Mancini claims to be
(a) A frustrated artist.
(b) A homosexual.
(c) A rock star.
(d) A ladies man.

13. What finally convinces Sedaris that the computer might be interesting or enjoyable?
(a) His father convinces him that he can work much faster on a computer.
(b) Amy shows him how to use the word processor.
(c) Amy shows him Internet pornography.
(d) His father tells him how the Internet can connect the world.

14. Sedaris is not bothered by the possible ingredients in a hot dog because
(a) He only eats vegetarian hot dogs.
(b) He recognizes the hot dog as food.
(c) He does not believe the rumors about them.
(d) He is used to exotic foods.

15. Lou Sedaris said his daughters would thank him for
(a) Encouraging them about their looks.
(b) Harrassing them about their weight.
(c) Encouraging them to exercise.
(d) Introducing them to eligible men.

Short Answer Questions

1. Despite his experiences, Sedaris still finds the view of Manhattan and the fantasy of wealth

2. Sedaris discovers that most of the boys in speech therapy are

3. Sedaris attempts to hide his lisp by

4. Sedaris' mother might be described as

5. Why is Sedaris unable to ignore the problem?

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