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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ironically, the food at the restaurant is described as
(a) American Gothic.
(b) Dada-esque.
(c) Traditional American.
(d) Home cooking.

2. In the bathroom, the major problem Sedaris faces is
(a) His fears about other people's germs.
(b) A broken sink.
(c) His proximity to the dinner party outside the window.
(d) An unflushed toilet.

3. Miss Sampson believes Sedaris lisps because
(a) He cannot hear the sound of his own voice.
(b) He never learned to speak correctly.
(c) He has a lazy tongue.
(d) He wants to stand out among other students.

4. The dog Mr. and Mrs. Sedaris coddled as empty-nesters was
(a) Sadie the cat.
(b) Madchen 2, the replacement German Shepard.
(c) Melina, a Great Dane.
(d) Mumbles, the teddy bear.

5. Two extreme facets of Paul's personality are
(a) Fighting and swearing.
(b) Drinking Mountain Dew and wearing make-up.
(c) Studying and reading.
(d) Eating candy and refusing to work.

6. Sedaris believed he was living art because
(a) He sold silk sceens of footprints.
(b) He was on drugs and deluded by his own sense of self-importance.
(c) He was finally off drugs and moving past performance art.
(d) He allowed a friend to shoot him in the shoulder.

7. Sedaris' first artistic success takes the form of
(a) A nest of human hair.
(b) Toe nail clippings.
(c) Two wooden crates filled with garbage.
(d) A frying pan full of toy soldiers.

8. Sedaris decides to make his students more comfortable by
(a) Sharing his private life with them.
(b) Allowing them to drink in class.
(c) Allowing them to smoke in class.
(d) Letting them design the class activities.

9. Sedaris feels out of place in the restaurant because
(a) He does not like any of the food.
(b) He is on his first date with Hugh.
(c) He cannot understand the menu.
(d) He has to borrow a jacket from the maitre d'.

10. By way of explanation, Amy Sedaris explains her "bruises" and "sores" by saying
(a) Her public should love her no matter what she looks like.
(b) Her father beat her up.
(c) She is finally in love.
(d) She fell down the stairs.

11. How does Sedaris prepare to teach his workshop?
(a) He organizes several get-to-know-you activities.
(b) He reads articles by famous writers.
(c) He practices introducing himself in front of the mirror while holding a briefcase.
(d) He writes elaborate lesson plans.

12. During their last meeting together, Sedaris learns that Miss Sampson
(a) Has been fired because she could not help the students.
(b) Is leaving to work at another school.
(c) Has quit her job because she feels like a failure.
(d) Is aware of his homosexuality.

13. Sedaris questions
(a) His own inability to go to the bathroom comfortably in public
(b) His own need for cleanliness.
(c) Others inability to feel shame.
(d) His own inability to leave the toilet unflushed, thereby assuming the guilt.

14. Sedaris fears his father is not up to the task of caring for his new dog, Sophie, because
(a) He is older now, and she is old and dying.
(b) He is not as attentive to pets as he used to be.
(c) She is violent and does not obey him.
(d) He is older now, and she is young and strong.

15. In the end, Sedaris decides
(a) He does not feel threatened by others' opinions of him.
(b) He will tell the other guests the truth about his experience.
(c) He can not do anything about the situation.
(d) He will try to figure out the culprit when he returns to dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. One bi-product of new computer technology that Sedaris finds unfortunate is

2. The sign Sedaris would post on the Speech Therapist's door would read

3. What finally convinces Sedaris that the computer might be interesting or enjoyable?

4. The title The Youth In Asia applies to

5. During his experience as a mover, Sedaris begins to change because

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