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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the end, Sedaris' authority is undermined when
(a) He refuses to answer a student's question about his salary.
(b) He admits how much money he is paid to teach the class
(c) He allows a student to teach the class.
(d) He admits that he has never been published.

2. What adds to Sedaris' tension while he is in the bathroom?
(a) His friend keeps asking him what he is doing in there.
(b) He can hear the others beginning to talk about him outside.
(c) His friend keeps knocking on the door to hurry him up.
(d) He needs to use the toilet himself.

3. While Sedaris has been preoccupied with tanning, his father has been preoccupied with
(a) The Miss Emollient Pageant.
(b) His fear of the ocean.
(c) The price of beachfront property.
(d) Scientific questions.

4. Why is Sedaris offered a job teaching a writing workshop?
(a) He has teaching experience.
(b) The scheduled professor quit at the last moment.
(c) He is friends with the department chair.
(d) He has been published several times.

5. Mr. Mancini claims to be
(a) A frustrated artist.
(b) A homosexual.
(c) A ladies man.
(d) A rock star.

6. Ironically, Sedaris and his siblings mock the fisherman's tan skin because
(a) It has been ruined by saltwater.
(b) It looks fake.
(c) It looks hard and leathery.
(d) It does not take the same kind of effort to achieve.

7. Sedaris' interest in science extended only to
(a) Freezing animals and fixing his record player.
(b) Getting his pets drunk and thawing them out again.
(c) Fixing his record player and exploring marine life.
(d) Performing surgery on his pets.

8. Sedaris' mother might be described as
(a) Pragmatic.
(b) A theorist.
(c) Visionary.
(d) An inventor.

9. Amy Sedaris is fond of
(a) Dressing up and impersonating others.
(b) Impersonating her father.
(c) Gaining and losing weight haphazardly.
(d) Having her picture taken for the newspaper.

10. Bonnie is most interested in
(a) Following Sedaris' agenda.
(b) Visiting tourist traps.
(c) Staying inside to avoid New Yorkers.
(d) Learning about local culture.

11. Sedaris justifies viewing soap operas in class by
(a) Arguing that soap operas were an eduring fom of writing.
(b) Arguing that soap operas taught attention to character.
(c) Creating a writing assignment in which students predicted upcoming events.
(d) Creating an assignment in which students wrote their own soap operas.

12. Facing his lack of artistic talent might mean
(a) Needing more drugs.
(b) Admitting his father was right.
(c) Sobering up and moving on.
(d) Learning a new trade.

13. The question "Which do you like better, State or Carolina?" refers to
(a) Two different titles for one football team.
(b) Contenders for the Superbowl title.
(c) Two local towns.
(d) University football teams.

14. Sedaris discovers that most of the boys in speech therapy are
(a) Unpopular and uninterested in sports.
(b) Unable to pronounce consonants correctly.
(c) Unlike himself.
(d) Popular and smart.

15. One aspect of the food that disturbs Sedaris is
(a) That it is stacked vertically on his plate.
(b) That it is piled in an unrecognizable heap.
(c) That it is arranged to look like a face on his plate.
(d) That it is laid out in a horizontal line.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ironically, the food at the restaurant is described as

2. How does Sedaris prepare to teach his workshop?

3. When Mancini insists he name his guitar, Sedaris names his "Joan," after

4. Why is it difficult for Sedaris to travel with a typewriter?

5. Sedaris describes his guitar teacher as

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