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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prompts Sedaris to find a job in New York?
(a) His father disapproves of his lifestyle.
(b) He is planning to buy a townhouse.
(c) He is ashamed of his poverty.
(d) He cannot live on his savings alone in New York.

2. Sedaris discovers that most of the boys in speech therapy are
(a) Unlike himself.
(b) Unable to pronounce consonants correctly.
(c) Unpopular and uninterested in sports.
(d) Popular and smart.

3. Sedaris' first artistic success takes the form of
(a) A frying pan full of toy soldiers.
(b) Toe nail clippings.
(c) Two wooden crates filled with garbage.
(d) A nest of human hair.

4. The dog Mr. and Mrs. Sedaris coddled as empty-nesters was
(a) Melina, a Great Dane.
(b) Mumbles, the teddy bear.
(c) Madchen 2, the replacement German Shepard.
(d) Sadie the cat.

5. Lou Sedaris is concerned about Amy's looks because
(a) He thinks she is his most attractive child.
(b) He thinks she will never get married.
(c) He never considered her attractive.
(d) He worries that she is getting old.

6. The title The Youth In Asia applies to
(a) Euthanizing pets and the Japanese cartoon Fatty and Skinny.
(b) Sedaris' experiences living with a pet in Japan.
(c) Sedaris' dogs, Fatty and Skinny.
(d) Euthanizing pets and adopting new ones.

7. Miss Sampson asks the previous question in order to
(a) Provoke an argument about football.
(b) Trick Sedaris into revealing his disdain for sports.
(c) Get Sedaris talking so she might hear his lisp.
(d) Determine whether or not she will like Sedaris.

8. Why are the fishermen interested in Lou Sedaris' equation?
(a) They want to know how much their property would have been worth today.
(b) They are interested in the number of grains of sand per acre.
(c) They want to know if he is interested in buying property.
(d) They want to know why he is drawing in the sand.

9. Instead of the performance piece in the twelfth "moment," Sedaris seems to admire
(a) The courage of the performer.
(b) The metaphors apparent in the performance.
(c) The beauty of the ordinary world around him.
(d) The number of people attending the performance.

10. Despite his experiences, Sedaris still finds the view of Manhattan and the fantasy of wealth
(a) Illusory.
(b) Confining.
(c) Contemptible.
(d) Inspiring.

11. Rather than sports, Sedaris states that he and his fellow speech therapy students were more interested in
(a) Playing video games.
(b) Fighting and lifting weights.
(c) Studying and graduating early.
(d) Baking, making scrapbooks, and doing art projects.

12. Why is it difficult for Sedaris to travel with a typewriter?
(a) Security usually does not know what a typewriter is.
(b) The typewriter is heavy and cumbersome.
(c) Sedaris insults security, and this calls attention to him and his typewriter.
(d) Security finds the typewriter unusual enough to stop him regularly.

13. Two extreme facets of Paul's personality are
(a) Drinking Mountain Dew and wearing make-up.
(b) Fighting and swearing.
(c) Eating candy and refusing to work.
(d) Studying and reading.

14. One aspect of the food that disturbs Sedaris is
(a) That it is laid out in a horizontal line.
(b) That it is stacked vertically on his plate.
(c) That it is piled in an unrecognizable heap.
(d) That it is arranged to look like a face on his plate.

15. Sedaris suggests his brother is radically different from his other siblings because
(a) He is a North Carolina native with gentlemanly Southern values.
(b) He is the oldest, and therefore the most conservative.
(c) He is much younger, and a North Carolina native.
(d) He is more refined than they are.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lou Sedaris said his daughters would thank him for

2. In the end, Sedaris' authority is undermined when

3. What is Lou Sedaris excited about at the start of the essay?

4. Before Paul's personality fully emerged, his parents tried to interest him in

5. Sedaris' interest in science extended only to

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