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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sedaris' enjoyment of the ocean was ruined by
(a) His father's explanation of the tides.
(b) His experiences swimming in it.
(c) His interest in sun-bathing.
(d) His mother's comparing it to a saltwater toilet.

2. Lou Sedaris is concerned about Amy's looks because
(a) He thinks she will never get married.
(b) He thinks she is his most attractive child.
(c) He worries that she is getting old.
(d) He never considered her attractive.

3. During his experience as a mover, Sedaris begins to change because
(a) He is always willing to move the attractive women, no matter how disorganized.
(b) He resents anyone who appears wealthy and organized.
(c) He resents customers with too many books or records, and imagines himself an ant completing a task.
(d) He imagines himself the queen ant ordering her inferiors about.

4. Sedaris' mother connects most closely with
(a) The collies.
(b) Her cats.
(c) Madchen 1.
(d) The collies' puppies.

5. In the end, Sedaris' authority is undermined when
(a) He admits that he has never been published.
(b) He refuses to answer a student's question about his salary.
(c) He admits how much money he is paid to teach the class
(d) He allows a student to teach the class.

6. One reason Sedaris resists the computer is
(a) He likes to be able to physically correct his mistakes using Liquid Paper.
(b) He likes travelling with the typewriter.
(c) He believes the computer cannot translate his words correctly.
(d) He likes to see the physical product of his work, as he does with a typewriter.

7. When Mancini insists he name his guitar, Sedaris names his "Joan," after
(a) His sister.
(b) His cousin.
(c) His friend.
(d) His mother.

8. Miss Sampson believes Sedaris lisps because
(a) He cannot hear the sound of his own voice.
(b) He has a lazy tongue.
(c) He wants to stand out among other students.
(d) He never learned to speak correctly.

9. Two extreme facets of Paul's personality are
(a) Eating candy and refusing to work.
(b) Studying and reading.
(c) Drinking Mountain Dew and wearing make-up.
(d) Fighting and swearing.

10. The question "Which do you like better, State or Carolina?" refers to
(a) Two different titles for one football team.
(b) University football teams.
(c) Contenders for the Superbowl title.
(d) Two local towns.

11. In the end, Sedaris decides
(a) He will try to figure out the culprit when he returns to dinner.
(b) He does not feel threatened by others' opinions of him.
(c) He can not do anything about the situation.
(d) He will tell the other guests the truth about his experience.

12. While Sedaris has been preoccupied with tanning, his father has been preoccupied with
(a) His fear of the ocean.
(b) The Miss Emollient Pageant.
(c) The price of beachfront property.
(d) Scientific questions.

13. The Japanese cartoon Fatty and Skinny makes Sedaris sad because
(a) Skinny is unable to meet Fatty's demands, and ends up friendless.
(b) Fatty always rejects Skinny in the end.
(c) Fatty is unable to meet Skinny's demands and loses his friendship.
(d) Skinny always demands money from Fatty.

14. Sedaris is dismayed when he visits The Plaza because
(a) He is completely underdressed.
(b) Bonnie has been humiliated by New York women.
(c) He is intimidated by the New Yorkers.
(d) He finds it overrun with tourists like Bonnie.

15. Richie had been in prison for
(a) Killing his younger brother.
(b) Burning his sister to death.
(c) Refusing to pay taxes.
(d) Burning his sister's boyfriend to death.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the bathroom, the major problem Sedaris faces is

2. Ironically, the food at the restaurant is described as

3. Miss Sampson attempts to illustrate Sedaris' speech problem by

4. Sedaris questions

5. Sedaris' interest in science extended only to

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