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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through I Pledge Allegiance to the Bag.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Instead of the performance piece in the twelfth "moment," Sedaris seems to admire
(a) The metaphors apparent in the performance.
(b) The beauty of the ordinary world around him.
(c) The number of people attending the performance.
(d) The courage of the performer.

2. Ironically, the food at the restaurant is described as
(a) Home cooking.
(b) Dada-esque.
(c) Traditional American.
(d) American Gothic.

3. Sedaris discovers that most of the boys in speech therapy are
(a) Popular and smart.
(b) Unlike himself.
(c) Unable to pronounce consonants correctly.
(d) Unpopular and uninterested in sports.

4. Sedaris deals with his new fear of speaking French by
(a) Speaking only Enlish.
(b) Writing down all his comments.
(c) Forcing himself to join in conversations.
(d) Pretending to be deaf.

5. Sedaris feels out of place in the restaurant because
(a) He cannot understand the menu.
(b) He is on his first date with Hugh.
(c) He has to borrow a jacket from the maitre d'.
(d) He does not like any of the food.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sedaris refuses to order dessert because

2. The dog Mr. and Mrs. Sedaris coddled as empty-nesters was

3. Sedaris justifies viewing soap operas in class by

4. What holiday does Sedaris find himself explaining to a Moroccan woman in his French class?

5. Sedaris claims that if he wanted to hear wall-to-wall French

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