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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Shiner Like a Diamond.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sedaris suggests his brother is radically different from his other siblings because
(a) He is more refined than they are.
(b) He is much younger, and a North Carolina native.
(c) He is the oldest, and therefore the most conservative.
(d) He is a North Carolina native with gentlemanly Southern values.

2. Miss Sampson asks the previous question in order to
(a) Trick Sedaris into revealing his disdain for sports.
(b) Determine whether or not she will like Sedaris.
(c) Get Sedaris talking so she might hear his lisp.
(d) Provoke an argument about football.

3. What skill does Sedaris admire in his mother that eludes him?
(a) She can solve his father's equations.
(b) She can tan the backs of her ears and her palms.
(c) She can smoke an entire cigarette without taking it out of her mouth.
(d) She can explain how a radio works.

4. Mr. Mancini makes Sedaris uncomfortable by constantly referring to
(a) Women and sex.
(b) Popular songs Sedaris does not know.
(c) Jazz musicians.
(d) Men and sex.

5. Facing his lack of artistic talent might mean
(a) Needing more drugs.
(b) Admitting his father was right.
(c) Sobering up and moving on.
(d) Learning a new trade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lou Sedaris excited about at the start of the essay?

2. Bonnie comes to enjoy New York when

3. Why is Sedaris unable to ignore the problem?

4. Sedaris is not bothered by the possible ingredients in a hot dog because

5. Paul's relationship with his father might be described as

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