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Western New York State

Sedaris' birth place and location of his early childhood years.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Sedaris spends the majority of his childhood and adolescence here, and this is where most of his childhood stories are set.

Chicago, Illinois

Sedaris moves here to finish his art degree at the School of the Art Institute.

New York City

During his time here, Sedaris works as a mover, acts as a tour guide for Bonnie, the crazed North Carolina native, and meets his long-term boyfriend Hugh.

Normandy, France

Sedaris's boyfriend Hugh owns a second home here where they visit every summer for six years, gradually fixing it up while Sedaris fumbles with a new language.

Paris, France

Sedaris and Hugh make this their home after leaving New York City.

Festival of Saint Anne

Held in a small village in Normandy, this event is Sedaris' first experience watching the angry...

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