Me Talk Pretty One Day Fun Activities

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Family Portrait

Students will create a Sedaris family portrait, using found images or creating images themselves depicting the members of the Sedaris family as the author describes them.

Performance Pieces

In small groups, students will design and perform pieces reminiscent of Sedaris' artwork in Twelve Moments in the Life of the Artist.

Pet Characters

Students will create a list of pets Sedaris identifies in the book, discussing what each pet communicates about the Sedaris family or any one of its members.

Parental Discussions

In pairs, students will create a mock discussion between Sedaris' parents on any subject in the book, considering the characterization of both.

The Miss Emollient Pageant

Students will reflect on the Miss Emollient Pageant, describing the rules and qualifications outlined in the essay "Genetic Engineering." Students will discuss the significance of the pageant to Sedaris' characterization of himself and others.

Sedaris' Values

In small groups...

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