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Jojo Moyes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what narrative perspective is the Prologue: 2007 related?
(a) First person.
(b) Second person.
(c) Third person.
(d) Fourth person.

2. Lou says in Chapter 6 that her mom can date her unusual shoe thing back to what age?
(a) 4.
(b) 12.
(c) 5.
(d) 3.

3. What group does Lou go to meet with along with Patrick in Chapter 4?
(a) The Hailsbury Triathlon Terrors.
(b) The Great Hall Players.
(c) The Library Book Club.
(d) The United States Space Agency.

4. For how long does Camilla say sh ha's been a magistrate in Chapter 8: Camilla?
(a) Almost 2 years.
(b) Almost 11 years.
(c) Almost 10 years.
(d) Almost 4 years.

5. What is the big news that Alicia relates to Will in Chapter 4?
(a) That she is moving to Australia.
(b) That she is divorcing her husband.
(c) That she is pregnant.
(d) That she and Rupert are marrying.

6. Where does Nathan say his sister keeps two horses in Chapter 11?
(a) Plymouth.
(b) Danberry.
(c) Brixton.
(d) Christchurch.

7. What is the name of Will's mother?
(a) Josie.
(b) Katrina.
(c) Camilla.
(d) Lily.

8. What aunt does Lou's father compare her to?
(a) Sarah.
(b) Lily.
(c) Marie.
(d) Camilla.

9. How long does Lou say she has been dating Patrick in Chapter 7?
(a) Just over 6 years.
(b) Just over 7 years.
(c) Just over 8 years.
(d) Just over 5 years.

10. What book does Lou ask Will if he has read in Chapter 6?
(a) The Red Queen.
(b) To Have and Have Not.
(c) Ulysses.
(d) The Old Man and the Sea.

11. Who is the main medical caregiver to Will?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Patrick.
(c) Paul.
(d) James.

12. At what time does Lou wake Will up to check on him in Chapter 6?
(a) 9:00.
(b) 1:00.
(c) 3:00.
(d) 2:00.

13. From what narrative perspective is Chapter 1: 2009 related?
(a) First person.
(b) Second person.
(c) Fourth person.
(d) Third person.

14. What is the name of Lou's nephew?
(a) Peter.
(b) Thomas.
(c) James.
(d) Patrick.

15. What color eyes does Will have?
(a) Brown.
(b) Green
(c) Gray.
(d) Hazel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of car does Mrs. Traynor drive?

2. What does Treena bring to Lou's room to drink in Chapter 9?

3. How much money does Nathan win at the racetrack in Chapter 11?

4. For how long did Lou work at the cafe before she was laid off?

5. The narrator says in Chapter 10, "That was Treena all over. She felt" what?

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