Me Before You Short Essay - Answer Key

Jojo Moyes
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1. How would you describe the narrative style of the Prologue: 2007?

The narrative of the Prologue: 2007 is related from the perspective of a limited, third-person narrator. This outside narrator focuses on the thoughts and actions of Will Traynor and is told in present tense.

2. How would you describe Will's character in the Prologue: 2007?

Will comes across as a wealthy, handsome, adventurous man. He lives in a nice penthouse apartment in London, has a beautiful girlfriend, and rides a motorcycle.

3. What is Lou's home life like in Chapter 1?

Lou lives with her mother, father, grandfather, sister, and nephew. The house is crowded and often littered with nephew Thomas's toys. Lou lives in a small room that she hates, but she loves her family.

4. How does Lou describe her relationship with her sister in the beginning of the novel?

Lou resents her sister Treena. Treena (Katrina) is 18 months younger than Lou but has always been more successful academically and in other ways. Treena manages to constantly make Lou feel like an idiot.

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