Objects & Places from Me Before You

Jojo Moyes
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The Buttered Bun

This is the name of the cafe where Lou worked before she was laid off due to its closing.

The Job Center

This setting is where Lou goes to look for unemployment after being laid off from the cafe where she has worked for seven years.

Granta House

This is the name of the house where Will and his family live.

Stortford Castle

This is the main tourist attraction in the town where Lou lives.

The King's Head

This is the tavern where Lou and Patrick meet for gatherings of the Hailsbury Triathlon Terrors.

Xtreme Viking Triathlon

This is the race that Patrick plans to participate in, which consists of 60 miles on bike, 30 miles on foot, and a swim in the Nordic seas.


This is the name of the facility where Will intends to go for assisted Suicide.

Flannery O'Connor

This is the author...

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