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Short Answer Questions

1. After Mr. McTeague and Trina's date at the theater, who meets the Sieppes at Parlours?

2. What continued effect does Mr. McTeague's relationship to Trina have on Marcus?

3. How does Marcus react to Mr. McTeague's comment about the champagne at the wedding?

4. As Mr. McTeague's feelings grow for Trina in Chapter 3, how does he react to Marcus?

5. At the beginning of the novel, what does Marcus tell Mr. McTeague about his cousin, Trina?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 6, when Trina's mother asks if she loves Mr. McTeague, how does Trina answer?

2. What happens when Mr. McTeague proposes to Trina for the second time?

3. In Chapter 3, have Mr. McTeague's feelings for Trina changed over the week since Trina's dental work? If so, how?

4. What does Mr. McTeague say about the champagne at his wedding and how does Trina react?

5. What does Trina conclude about why Maria is marrying Zerkow?

6. Is Mr. McTeague's wedding to Trina simple or luxurious? What items are served to indicate the class level and style of the event?

7. How does Mr. McTeague react upon meeting Trina?

8. In Chapter 5, who meets Marcus and Mr. McTeague at the station?

9. Who accompanies Mr. McTeague and Trina on their date to the theater, and how does it turn out?

10. What is the state of Mr. McTeague and Trina's relationship when Trina's treatments are finished?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As Mr. McTeague's obsession for Trina grows, a darker side of his character is revealed. Compare and contrast each of the following characters' obsessions and describe how they play out during the course of the book: McTeague, Marcus, and Maria.

Essay Topic 2

Maria creates scandal throughout the book. Explore her character and her motives by answering the following:

Part 1) What motive does Maria have for sharing her stories of wealth and money with Zerkow?

Part 2) Why does she become so excited when Old Grannis and Miss Baker are so uncomfortable with each other?

Part 3) What are some possible motives for Maria to act they way she does? What is her ultimate goal?

Essay Topic 3

Money plays a big role in the book. In what ways do the following characters perpetuate the myth that "money can buy happiness:" Trina, Maria, and Marcus? In what ways do the characters prove this adage wrong?

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