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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mr. McTeague's occupation at the beginning of the book?
(a) A fisherman
(b) A dentist
(c) A landlord
(d) A car conductor

2. What does Trina do for extra work, even though she has more than enough money?
(a) She cleans houses with Maria.
(b) She becomes Mr. McTeague's business manager.
(c) She carves Noah's arks out of wood, to be sold in her uncle's store.
(d) She knits children's sweaters.

3. Initially, how does Trina feel about Mr. McTeague?
(a) Trina is fearful.
(b) Trina is uncomfortable.
(c) Trina is quite content.
(d) Trina is quite angry.

4. In Chapter 4, how does Mr. McTeague react when Marcus voices his concern over McTeague's silence during their long walk?
(a) Mr. McTeague yells, "I hate San Francisco!" when Marcus asks about his flat.
(b) Mr. McTeague is silent when Marcus presses him about Trina.
(c) Mr. McTeague yells, "I love Trina!" when Marcus presses him about his finances.
(d) Mr. McTeague speaks up when Marcus presses him about Trina.

5. What does Marcus say to Mr. McTeague, as they drink together in Chapter 8?
(a) Marcus declares that he is Trina's true love.
(b) Marcus declares that he won't be taken for a sucker anymore.
(c) Marcus gives up and walks out of the bar.
(d) Marcus apologizes and says he is sorry for the misunderstanding.

Short Answer Questions

1. While they are having a drink together in Chapter 8, what does Marcus ask Mr. McTeague for?

2. Where does Marcus suggest Mr. McTeague take Trina to make the best impression on Trina's family?

3. How does Mr. McTeague's and Trina's evening with the Sieppes at the theater progress?

4. Initially, how does Mr. McTeague feel about Trina?

5. What does Mr. McTeague conclude about his relationship with Trina in Chapter 4?

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