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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Old Grannis and Miss Baker meet?
(a) They meet through Trina.
(b) They both are patients of Mr. McTeague.
(c) They are introduced by Mr. McTeague.
(d) They are forced to speak to each other.

2. What news do Mr. McTeague, Trina, and their guests receive upon return from the evening out at the theater?
(a) The train right after Trina's crashed and all perished!
(b) Trina has won five thousand dollars!
(c) The Sieppe's house is on fire!
(d) Mr. McTeague's aunt has died and left him five thousand dollars!

3. What happens as Mr. McTeague and Trina begin to see more of each other in Chapter 5?
(a) He begins to take Marcus's place.
(b) He begins to take Zerkow's place.
(c) He begins to alienate her from his feelings.
(d) Trina no longer wishes to see Mr. McTeague.

4. What plans does Marcus make as a followup to Trina's care with Mr. McTeague?
(a) Mr. McTeague take a look at Trina's cavity.
(b) Mr. McTeague will take a look at Trina's nose.
(c) Mr. McTeague will take a look at Trina's knocked out tooth.
(d) Mr. McTeague will take a look at Trina's chin.

5. After Mr. McTeague kisses Trina in Chapter 6, how does she react?
(a) Trina exclaims, "I am going home."
(b) Trina exclaims, "I do love you."
(c) Tina exclaims, "I love Marcus."
(d) Trina exclaims, "I hate you."

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the younger dentist whose practice is just down the road from Mr. McTeague's office referred to?

2. What is Mr. McTeague doing when the novel begins?

3. How does Mr. McTeague feel about the evening out with Trina and her family?

4. In the first half of the story, what does Mr. McTeague believe Trina deserves?

5. In the week since Trina initial procedure, what has transpired?

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