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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The picnic at Schuetzen Park results in a turning point of Mr. McTeague's relationship with whom?
(a) Trina.
(b) Mrs. Sieppe.
(c) Marcus.
(d) No one.

2. Where does Marcus suggest Mr. McTeague take Trina to make the best impression on Trina's family?
(a) To the Cliff House.
(b) To Parlours.
(c) To the theater.
(d) To the coffee-joint.

3. What does Mr. McTeague do while he is in Trina's room after the picnic at Schuetzen Park?
(a) He immediately goes to sleep.
(b) He surveys every inch of Trina's room.
(c) He tries not to touch anything.
(d) He looks around for a good book to read.

4. In Chapter 2, what does Marcus do while he and Trina wait for her appointment with Mr. McTeague?
(a) He teases Maria.
(b) He yells at Maria.
(c) He flirts with Maria.
(d) He asks Maria a question.

5. In the first half of the story, what does Mr. McTeague believe Trina deserves?
(a) Someone wealthier.
(b) Someone more refined.
(c) Someone smarter.
(d) Someone physically stronger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Initially, how does Mr. McTeague feel about Trina?

2. In what way does Maria supplement her income?

3. How does Maria spend her money?

4. As Mr. McTeague's feelings grow for Trina in Chapter 3, how does he react to Marcus?

5. How does Mr. McTeague express his feelings for Trina immediately after her dental procedure?

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