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The Concertina

Perhaps Mr. McTeague's most prized possession from his bachelor days, this item symbolizes, in turn, Mr. McTeague's independence, his renewed ability to stand up to his wife (when he refuses to sell it), and his loss of control (when he finds that Trina has sold it).

The Canary

This is the one constant in Mr. McTeaugue's life, even being with Mr. McTeague at this death, thus accompanying him full-circle.

Trina's Wedding Bouquet

Pressed behind glass and preserved, this treasure becomes frozen in time, untouched by the changing elements. It symbolizes an irretrievable moment of happiness.

The Coffee-Joint

The place where Mr. McTeague takes his Sunday lunch and where he and Marcus pass time together.

Cliff House

The bar and billiard hall wherein Marcus "gives" Trina to Mr. McTeague.

B Street Station

This place is located near Trina's family home.

Schuetzen Park

The location wherein several events...

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