McTeague: A Story of San Francisco Fun Activities

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Create a collage of Mr. McTeague and Trina's wedding.

Gather wedding magazines and cut out pictures to create a collage. Design the reception hall in which Trina and Mr. McTeague's celebration is held.

Recreate the picnic in which Mr. McTeague and Marcus visit the family.

Dress up in a character of that period. Bring in a picnic dish to share.

Garage Sale.

In Chapter 14, when the McTeagues are faced with financial ruin, they have a sale to raise money and clear out items so they can live in a smaller space. Collect items from the class and host a garage sale to raise money for a class event, your school or a needy family in your area.

Fantasy vs. Reality.

Zerkow believes he has married into a fortune. This is his fantasy world. How can fantasy hurt or help us? Is it always a better to view life...

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