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Essay Topic 1

McTeague's journey throughout the book is peppered with discoveries. One such discovery involves the scope of his life and the lens through which he sees everything in his life. How does Mr. McTeague's vision of his life change over he course of the book?

Essay Topic 2

Please give at least two examples from the book that demonstrate Mr. McTeague's discomfort and/or awkward behavior exacerbating a situation, and why he may have reacted with such discomfort and/or awkwardness.

Essay Topic 3

What is Maria's relationship with money throughout the story? How does she use her money? How does it effect her relationship with other characters?

Essay Topic 4

As Mr. McTeague's obsession for Trina grows, a darker side of his character is revealed. Compare and contrast each of the following characters' obsessions and describe how they play out during the course of the book: McTeague, Marcus, and...

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