McTeague: A Story of San Francisco Character Descriptions

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Trina Sieppe (McTeague)

This character wins the lottery and becomes obsessed with scrimping and saving.

Mr. McTeague

This character, in the beginning of the novel is quiet, clumsy, and submissive and by the final chapter has maimed, stolen from, deserted, and murdered someone close.

Mr. McTeague's Alter-Ego

This character transforms into a completely different person, a beast, something inhumane and savage.

Trina's Alter-Ego

This character undergoes a radical change and becomes a money-hungry, cold-hearted person who cares for nothing and no one.

Mr. Sieppe

This character, playing a minor role in the novel, is a stern person, having come from a military background, and tolerates no insubordination of any kind, from family or anyone else.

Mrs. Sieppe

This character is of Swiss heritage, speaks with a thick Swiss accent, and is concerned first and foremost with the lives of the children.

Old Grannis

This person is an elderly...

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