McTeague: A Story of San Francisco Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Mr. McTeague is a bachelor and lives and works in the space, "Parlours," where he has started a dental business.

• He has a usual Sunday custom of dinner at 2 p.m. in the coffee-joint frequented by the car conductors.

• Afterwards, he takes a pitcher of beer back to Parlours and enjoys the music of his concertina.
• As a child, Mr. McTeague goes away with a traveling dentist to learn the trade and start his career, a career in which he is still engaged.

• While he undertakes his training, however, his mother dies and leaves him a good sum of money.

• With the money, he starts his own dental business on Polk Street at Parlours.

• Marcus, Mr. McTeague's best friend, stops by the office and tells him that his cousin, Trina, has had a tooth knocked out and he will bring her around the following day.

Chapter 2

• Marcus...

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