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John F. Love
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other food service chain is used today to diversify McDonald's holdings?
(a) Dasani.
(b) Coke-a-cola.
(c) Aquafina.
(d) Evvian.

2. What/who did Kroc support that nearly got McDonald's into trouble?
(a) Carter.
(b) Nixon.
(c) The Vietnam War.
(d) Reagan.

3. What did Harry Sonneborn create for McDonald's?
(a) A real estate investment strategy.
(b) A recipe.
(c) A new restaurant design.
(d) A new logo.

4. Who was Frank Cotter?
(a) The lawyer of the McDonald brothers.
(b) The judge of the the McDonald-Kroc case.
(c) The disputer between Kroc and the McDonald brothers.
(d) The lawyer of Kroc.

5. What is the McDonald's Operators Association?
(a) A board to voice McDonald employee needs.
(b) A board of all the McDonald franchise managers.
(c) Body of selected representatives from the population of franchises that meets with McDoanld's leaders.
(d) A board of trustees.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did McDonald's need to secure mortgage loans for multiple stores and large lenders?

2. What did McDonald's do to solve their staffing policies?

3. What moved Kroc to California in the early 1960s?

4. When did Kroc die?

5. When was Ronald McDonald birthed as the face of McDonald's?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the McDonald's Operators Association?

2. What was the original face or mascot of McDonald's and what is its mascot today?

3. After Kroc owned McDonald's incorporated, what did do with its image?

4. Discuss the state of McDonald's in 1961 as described at the end of Chapter 8, The Buyout.

5. What was difficult for McDonald's initial overseas, international expansion?

6. When and how did McDonald's international began to diversify?

7. Describe the sandwich strategy.

8. Describe McDonald's new introductions to its menu and simultaneous hiring of women employees.

9. What type of strategy did McDonald's create to secure mortgage loans?

10. Why did Kroc want and even need to buy out the McDonald brothers?

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