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John F. Love
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Kroc's second wife's name?
(a) Ethel.
(b) Martino.
(c) Joan.
(d) Jane.

2. What main person was responsible for handling a major cash crunch for McDonald's?
(a) Kroc.
(b) The McDonald brothers.
(c) Martino.
(d) Sonneborn.

3. In Chapter 7, why did Kroc desire to buy out the McDonald brothers?
(a) His desires were bigger than theirs were.
(b) They thought locally.
(c) He wanted to violate the contract.
(d) They thought too globally.

4. When did McDonald's serve its 50 billionth hamburger?
(a) December 21, 1981.
(b) October 21, 1981.
(c) It hasn't yet.
(d) November 21, 1984.

5. How did McDonald's reshape the food service industry?
(a) By developing benefits for the food service industry.
(b) By introducing new ideas.
(c) By building its own wing of food processing trade.
(d) By introducing new marketing techniques.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Kroc's contract expire between Kroc and the McDonald brothers?

2. Who did Turner rely on during financial pressures?

3. What is the potato manufacturer called?

4. Who did NOT get rich as a result of McDonald's appraisal worth?

5. How much did the McDonald brothers ask for their name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the state of McDonald's in 1961 as described at the end of Chapter 8, The Buyout.

2. Describe Fred Turner's contributions to McDonald's.

3. What was the result of Sonneborn's and Kroc's separate visions?

4. What happened after the fall of communism in relationship to McDonald's?

5. How did Kroc attempt to make money when McDonald's had problems despite its operating system?

6. Describe the rumor of the mid 1970s and its effect on McDonald's image.

7. What nearly happened to McDonald's as Kroc and Sonneborn's conflict grew?

8. Describe how Kroc obtained the name from the McDonald brothers.

9. When and how did McDonald's international began to diversify?

10. What association with today's McDonald's took time to develop?

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