Objects & Places from McDonald's: Behind the Arches

John F. Love
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San Bernadino, California

This is the town where the McDonald brothers open their first McDonald's in 1940.

Oak Grove, Illinois

This is a suburb of Chicago and the home base of the McDonald's corporation.

Des Plaines, Illinois

This is the town where Kroc opened his first McDonald's in 1954.

McDonald's Headquarters

Located in Oak Grove, Illinois, this is where McDonald's main operations are centered though they still rely on a fairly decentralized method of production and distribution of goods and services.

The Multimixer

This was machine Kroc used to market milkshakes that the McDonald brothers used in their restaurants. The machine brought the three men together.

The 15-cent Hamburger

This was McDonald's original menu item which remained the same price sold for nearly two decades.


This was McDonald's original drink, made with Kroc's machine.

French Fries

This was McDonald's original side item. The corporation experimented constantly to produce the...

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