Daily Lessons for Teaching McDonald's: Behind the Arches

John F. Love
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Lesson 1 (from Foreword, The Unknown McDonald's)


Foreword, The Unknown McDonald's

The foreword gives the reader the book's purpose along with some background information on the impact McDonald's has had on the world. In the foreword, many statistics are given that prove McDonald's is a master of developing and changing the products it serves. This lesson will discuss the statistics that are given in the beginning of McDonald's: Behind the Arches and how these statistics show McDonald's success.


1. Group Discussion:

Divide the class into groups and have them discuss how many Americans had eaten at a McDonald's in the year 1995. How many restaurants did McDonald's have? Do you think these numbers prove McDonald's is a fast food chain monopoly? What does the percentage of consumption at McDonald's of the potato crop suggest about McDonald's and American people as a whole?

2. Class Debate:

Divide the class in two. Have one side argue that...

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