McDonald's: Behind the Arches Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

John F. Love
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Essay Topic 1

Explain and discuss how founder of McDonald's, Ray A. Kroc, effectively ran and governed the corporation of McDonald's. How did he gain such popularity among his employees?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and describe how California in the 1930s helped to develop curbside food service and then carhop drive-ins.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast how Kroc's invention and development of a fast food industry was likened to Carnegie's and Rockefeller's steel and oil companies.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss and explain why Big Boy and Dairy Queen restaurants were imitations of McDonald's and why they both failed to out succeed McDonald's.

Essay Topic 5

Describe how uniformity evolved within the franchise of McDonald's. Discuss why it was difficult to create and maintain uniformity within a franchise.

Essay Topic 6

Explain what Kroc avoided within his franchise developments and relationships and why. Discuss what Kroc learned in this time of franchise development.

Essay Topic 7

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