McDonald's: Behind the Arches Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John F. Love
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Foreword, The Unknown McDonald's

• Foreword, The Unknown McDonald's.

• The foreword addresses what the book's purpose is.

• It discusses the McDonald's headquarters as unpretentious and looking like a war zone.

• In 1995, McDonald's was wildly successful with over 96% of Americans having eaten at one in 1994.
• It has 14,000 restaurants, served over 100 billion hamburgers, and employs over 500,000 Americans.

• It is the largest purchaser of beef and consumes 5% percent of the US potato crop.

• McDonald's has a massive effect on real estate and Kroc was revolutionary in his advances in franchising.

• No one dominates McDonald's, its structure is fundamentally federal.

Chapter 1, Yes, There is a McDonald

• Chapter 1, Yes, There is a McDonald

• Two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, opened the first McDonald's in 1955.

• They lacked the organizational skills to take the business where it needed and could prosper, but these two men did discover fast food.

• Drive-ins were very popular in California during...

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