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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the Vietnamese generals plan on assassinating?
(a) Ho Chi Minh.
(b) The president of France.
(c) President Diem.
(d) Chairman Mao.

2. What does Gallimard say his job affects?
(a) A large part of the universe.
(b) A small slice of China.
(c) A small corner of the world.
(d) A bit of the earth.

3. Where does Scene 7 take place?
(a) Toulon's house.
(b) Gallimard and Song's flat.
(c) Chin's office.
(d) Helga and Gallimard's house.

4. How much time passes between the year Gallimard is fired from the embassy and the year Song travels to France to live with him?
(a) Ten years.
(b) Tenty years.
(c) One year.
(d) Four years.

5. What is Song's response when Chin wants to know how Song retains all the information?
(a) She was raised to do so.
(b) She is a woman.
(c) She is an actor
(d) She was threatened with her life.

6. How does Toulon feel about Gallimard's infidelity?
(a) He denies it is happening.
(b) He approves.
(c) He is disgusted.
(d) He finds it hilarious.

7. What does Song tell Gallimard he was to her?
(a) Her greatest acting challenge.
(b) Her greatest lie.
(c) Her only way out of China.
(d) Her greatest love.

8. What does Song say about Chin as she exits?
(a) "What passes as a servant to the people."
(b) "What passes for an officer."
(c) "What passes for a man in modern America.
(d) "What passes for a woman in modern China."

9. What does Gallimard want Toulon to tell the Americans?
(a) There is a natural affinity between the West and the Orient.
(b) There is a bond of trust between the East and West.
(c) The Americas should protectthe Orient.
(d) There is a natural affinity between America and France.

10. According to Gallimard, who do the Orientals want to be associated with?
(a) Whoever shows the most strength and power.
(b) Ho Chi Minh.
(c) America.
(d) China and only China.

11. According to Song, what does Gallimard shame her with?
(a) His devotion.
(b) His understanding.
(c) His generosity.
(d) His love.

12. Finish the sentence: "We must conserve our strength for the battles..."
(a) "...we can win."
(b) "...we know how to battle."
(c) "...we can't lose."
(d) "...we know of."

13. What did Gallimard envision when he walked toward Song to strip her?
(a) Renee.
(b) Helga.
(c) Pinkerton stalking Butterfly.
(d) Pinkerton leaving Butterfly.

14. What was NOT waiting for Gallimard back in Paris when he arrived in 1968?
(a) Friends and family.
(b) A regular schedule.
(c) Song.
(d) Better Chinese food than he'd eaten in China.

15. As Chin enters, what does Gallimard beg of the audience?
(a) To side with whoever they see fit.
(b) To try to see it from his point of view,
(c) To judge Song for what she is doing.
(d) To love Song despite her betrayal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Toulon ask Gallimard to do for him in France?

2. What secret can't Toulon keep from Gallimard?

3. Where does Song say she will be when the audience returns from their five-minute break?

4. In what year does Scene 8 take place?

5. What happened to Helga on her way home from the grocery store?

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