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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the end, what was a reason for Gallimard's refusal to go to the doctor?
(a) Going to the doctor would make Song unhappy.
(b) Going to the doctor would make him a woman.
(c) Going to the doctor would question his manhood.
(d) Going to the doctor would end in Helga being pregnant.

2. Where does Gallimard meet Renee?
(a) A party at the Australian embassy.
(b) A party at Toulon's home.
(c) A party at the Austrian embassy.
(d) A party at Gallimard's home.

3. What does Gallimard want after Song announces she is pregnant?
(a) He wants to quit his job.
(b) He wants to marry Song.
(c) He wants to leave Helga.
(d) He wants to leave Song.

4. What does Gallimard call his relationship to Renee?
(a) The right thing to do.
(b) A mistake.
(c) The affair of the century.
(d) An extra extramarital affair.

5. Where does Song say she will be when the audience returns from their five-minute break?
(a) In court.
(b) Right where they left her.
(c) Where they least expect her to be.
(d) Offstage.

6. What does Gallimard want Toulon to tell the Americans?
(a) There is a natural affinity between the West and the Orient.
(b) The Americas should protectthe Orient.
(c) There is a natural affinity between America and France.
(d) There is a bond of trust between the East and West.

7. What does Song say is necessary to counter a counter-revolutionary act?
(a) A revolutionary act.
(b) An act of desperation.
(c) A counter-revolutionary act.
(d) An act of violence.

8. What doesn't Renee like about China?
(a) There's nothing to do at night.
(b) It's an ugly place.
(c) There are no handsome men.
(d) There are too many women.

9. How does Song define the Chinese?
(a) Progressionists.
(b) Devils.
(c) Realists.
(d) Hopeless romantics.

10. What does Chin want to make sure that Song remembers?
(a) There is no homosexuality in China.
(b) Women have no respect in China.
(c) Her acts are for the greater good.
(d) Women are stupid.

11. At what point in the plot does Scene 8 pick up?
(a) Song wanted to name the baby Peepee.
(b) Song begged Gallimard to marry her.
(c) Song asked Gallimard to leave Helga.
(d) When Song announced she was pregnant.

12. Where does Scene 10 take place?
(a) Gallimard's flat in Beijing.
(b) Comrade Chin's home.
(c) A commune.
(d) Mao's palace.

13. What does Song tell Gallimard he was to her?
(a) Her greatest acting challenge.
(b) Her greatest love.
(c) Her only way out of China.
(d) Her greatest lie.

14. What is one of the things about Song that Gallimard considers to be rare?
(a) She sings like a bird.
(b) She loves him.
(c) She will pleasure him.
(d) She listens to him.

15. In what year does Scene 8 take place?
(a) 1970.
(b) 1965.
(c) 1969.
(d) 1963.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Chin enters, what does Gallimard beg of the audience?

2. What is one of Gallimard's reasons for wanting to see Song naked?

3. Why does Song believe women's roles in opera are played by men?

4. What is the name of the baby?

5. What did the doctor find was wrong with Helga?

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