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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Song promise to Gallimard after her outburst?
(a) She will not apologize for anything else.
(b) She will serve him tea.
(c) She will fire the servants.
(d) She will love him forever.

2. According to Gallimard, who wrote Madame Butterfly?
(a) William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.
(b) Giacomo Puccini.
(c) Giuseppe Verdi.
(d) Richard Wagner.

3. In Act 1, Scene 7, when Gallimard is speaking to Helga, what does he say about the Chinese?
(a) They are a people with a rich heritage.
(b) They are an amazing people.
(c) They are an incredibly arrogant people.
(d) They are a young people.

4. How long did it take before Gallimard went to see Song perform at the opera house?
(a) Four months.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) Five weeks.
(d) Four days.

5. In Madame Butterfly, what is it that Butterfly fears from the Western man?
(a) He will love a butterfly and never let it go.
(b) He will force her to leave her family.
(c) He will catch a butterfly, pierce its heart and leave it to perish.
(d) He will kill her baby.

6. What is an important fact that Toulon wants Gallimard to know about their jobs at the embassy?
(a) The nature of their work is changing.
(b) They will push for more power.
(c) They will watch for spies.
(d) Things will continue as normal.

7. What does Gallimard fear when Toulon is talking to him?
(a) He cannot be saved by love.
(b) He will be fired.
(c) He will take Song away from him.
(d) He is going to kill him.

8. During the Revolution, what signs would hang in the windows of the clubs in Shanghai?
(a) "No dogs and Chinamen."
(b) "No dogs or cats."
(c) "No women allowed."
(d) "Whites only."

9. What does Song get upset about when she enters the room?
(a) Gallimard is upset.
(b) Her servants haven't taken his coat.
(c) Her servants are ignoring her.
(d) Her servants haven't poured any tea.

10. What character does Marc appear as in Act 1, Scene 11?
(a) A servant.
(b) A beuracrat.
(c) A soldier.
(d) A king.

11. What does Song call Gallimard?
(a) A cad.
(b) A wimp.
(c) An idiot.
(d) A tiger.

12. Why did Gallimard cease to call on Song?
(a) He was afraid of scandal.
(b) To feel the rush of power over a woman.
(c) He has no interest in her.
(d) To protect her.

13. In Gallimard's fantasy, who plays Pinkerton?
(a) Comrade Chin.
(b) Manuel Toulon.
(c) Marc.
(d) Gallimard himself.

14. What is one of the features of Pinkerton's house?
(a) A disco mirror ball.
(b) A view of the rice fields.
(c) A view of the ocean.
(d) Shag carpet.

15. How does Gallimard describe his meetings with Song after her weekly performances?
(a) Full of pleasure.
(b) Long.
(c) Wonderful.
(d) Short.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Gallimard, why did God create Eve?

2. What was Gallimard's instinct when he saw Song perform Madame Butterfly?

3. What is Song's full name?

4. Where does Scene 8 take place?

5. What is the job that Gallimard is promoted to?

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