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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many women has Marc slept with since he got married?
(a) Thirty.
(b) Three hundred.
(c) Four hundred.
(d) Fourty.

2. In Madame Butterfly, what are the last words Butterfly sings before she kills herself?
(a) "Death in life is worse than death. Death is life."
(b) "Death without honor is worse in life. Life is dishonor."
(c) "Death with honor is better than life. Life with dishonor."
(d) "Life is no worse than death. This life is dishonor."

3. Why did Gallimard get scared when Isabelle screamed that she was coming?
(a) He was embarrassed to be seen with her.
(b) He thought she meant someone was actually coming.
(c) He didn't want it to end.
(d) He didn't like loud noises.

4. In grammar school, what title was Gallimard given?
(a) "Least popular."
(b) "Least likely to succeed."
(c) "Least likely to be invited to a party."
(d) "Least likely to kiss a girl."

5. What does Marc compare a pool full of naked women to?
(a) A barrel of monkeys.
(b) A fish pond.
(c) A scandal waiting to happen.
(d) A grab bag.

6. What is Song afraid of as she is entertaining Gallimard in her parlor?
(a) Scandal.
(b) A beating from her father.
(c) Love.
(d) Hoping for too much.

7. Where does Scene 13 take place?
(a) The French embassy.
(b) The German embassy.
(c) Song's apartment.
(d) Gallimard's home.

8. What was Gallimard's instinct when he saw Song perform Madame Butterfly?
(a) He wanted to take her in his arms.
(b) He wanted to kill Pinkerton.
(c) He wanted her to be sad.
(d) He wanted to kill her.

9. What is one of the features of Pinkerton's house?
(a) A view of the rice fields.
(b) A disco mirror ball.
(c) A view of the ocean.
(d) Shag carpet.

10. According to Gallimard, why did God create Eve?
(a) For the good of the earth.
(b) To give life.
(c) To serve Adam.
(d) To serve God.

11. What part of Song's letter does Gallimard quote for her?
(a) "I have already given you my shame."
(b) "I have already given you my heart."
(c) "I have already give you my soul."
(d) "I have already given you my life."

12. What does Gallimard consider himself to be?
(a) An old man.
(b) A perfect man.
(c) A failure.
(d) A celebrity.

13. In Scene 1, in what city is Gallimard residing?
(a) Versailles, France.
(b) Beijing, China.
(c) Shanghai, China.
(d) Paris, France.

14. What is different about the night that occurs in Scene 10?
(a) Helga meets Song.
(b) Gallimard kisses Song.
(c) Gallimard has been invited into Song's apartment.
(d) Gallimard walks Song home.

15. How much does Pinkerton pay for Butterfly?
(a) 100 dollars.
(b) 200 yen.
(c) 200 dollars.
(d) 100 yen

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Gallimard at the point Scene 13 occurs?

2. What didn't Gallimard like about Song's second letter?

3. What it the setting of Scene 6?

4. How does Gallimard describe his meetings with Song after her weekly performances?

5. How large is Gallimard's cell?

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