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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is different about the night that occurs in Scene 10?
(a) Gallimard has been invited into Song's apartment.
(b) Gallimard walks Song home.
(c) Helga meets Song.
(d) Gallimard kisses Song.

2. What is the job that Gallimard is promoted to?
(a) Chairman.
(b) Vice-President.
(c) Vice-Consul.
(d) President.

3. In the stage directions, who does David Henry Hwang compare Song to in appearance?
(a) Anna May Wong.
(b) Rita Moreno.
(c) Nancy Kwan.
(d) Lana Turner.

4. What does Marc compare a pool full of naked women to?
(a) A fish pond.
(b) A scandal waiting to happen.
(c) A barrel of monkeys.
(d) A grab bag.

5. What was one outstanding feature about Isabelle that Marc remembers?
(a) She had the softest skin.
(b) She never wore underwear.
(c) She was a horrible person.
(d) She had beautiful eyes.

6. According to Gallimard, who wrote Madame Butterfly?
(a) William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.
(b) Giuseppe Verdi.
(c) Richard Wagner.
(d) Giacomo Puccini.

7. Where does Scene 13 take place?
(a) Song's apartment.
(b) Gallimard's home.
(c) The French embassy.
(d) The German embassy.

8. What does Song say she has never done before?
(a) Sang for a white person.
(b) Talked to a man.
(c) Thought of any man the way she thinks of Gallimard.
(d) Invited a man up to her flat.

9. How long did it take before Gallimard went to see Song perform at the opera house?
(a) Four days.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) Five weeks.
(d) Four months.

10. What does Song claim she has given to Gallimard?
(a) Her soul.
(b) Her shame.
(c) Her love.
(d) Her life.

11. What is Song's full name?
(a) Song Long.
(b) Song Suzuki.
(c) Song Liling.
(d) Song Gallimard.

12. In Act 1, Scene 7, when Gallimard is speaking to Helga, what does he say about the Chinese?
(a) They are a young people.
(b) They are an incredibly arrogant people.
(c) They are a people with a rich heritage.
(d) They are an amazing people.

13. Why did Gallimard cease to call on Song?
(a) He was afraid of scandal.
(b) To protect her.
(c) To feel the rush of power over a woman.
(d) He has no interest in her.

14. What does Butterfly use to kill herself in the opera?
(a) A gun.
(b) A knife.
(c) A sword.
(d) Her sleeves.

15. What does Song say is one of a Westerner's favorite fantasies?
(a) The submissive Oriental woman and the shy white man.
(b) The meek husband and the brave Oriental wife.
(c) The submissive Oriental woman with the cruel white man.
(d) The submissive white women with the cruel Oriental man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Song's letter does Gallimard quote for her?

2. What is an important fact that Toulon wants Gallimard to know about their jobs at the embassy?

3. What does Song promise to Gallimard after her outburst?

4. From what location is Gallimard narrating his story?

5. Finish the sentence: "...there's no guarantee of failure in life like ________"

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