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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Scene 8 take place?
(a) The Chinese opera house and the streets of Beijing.
(b) The Ambassador's home.
(c) A prison cell and the streets of Paris.
(d) The President's home.

2. What it the setting of Scene 6?
(a) His flat in Beijing.
(b) His flat in Paris.
(c) The Australian ambassador's house.
(d) The German ambassador's house.

3. During the Revolution, what signs would hang in the windows of the clubs in Shanghai?
(a) "Whites only."
(b) "No dogs or cats."
(c) "No women allowed."
(d) "No dogs and Chinamen."

4. What does Gallimard believe about God?
(a) He is all-powerful.
(b) He is a man.
(c) He does not exist.
(d) He sees Gallimard's crimes.

5. How does Toulon say Gallimard has changed?
(a) He gets on his nerves,
(b) He has become withdrawn.
(c) He has become more physically fit.
(d) He has become confident.

6. What did Gallimard believe Song was doing before they part ways at the end of Scene 8?
(a) Crying.
(b) Thinking.
(c) Laughing.
(d) Flirting.

7. What part of Song's letter does Gallimard quote for her?
(a) "I have already give you my soul."
(b) "I have already given you my life."
(c) "I have already given you my shame."
(d) "I have already given you my heart."

8. In what year does Scene 6 take place?
(a) 1960.
(b) 1947
(c) Present day.
(d) 1986

9. By whom does Gallimard believe he has been loved?
(a) The most beautiful woman.
(b) The sweetest woman.
(c) The perfect woman.
(d) The perfect man.

10. What is the job that Gallimard is promoted to?
(a) Chairman.
(b) President.
(c) Vice-Consul.
(d) Vice-President.

11. How long did it take before Gallimard went to see Song perform at the opera house?
(a) Four weeks.
(b) Four months.
(c) Five weeks.
(d) Four days.

12. What event is going on in Scene 12?
(a) An opera performance.
(b) A meeting.
(c) A reception.
(d) A crowning.

13. What does Gallimard ask Song?
(a) "Are you the one?"
(b) "Who is Butterfly?"
(c) "Are you my Butterfly?"
(d) "Why me?"

14. What is Song's full name?
(a) Song Liling.
(b) Song Suzuki.
(c) Song Long.
(d) Song Gallimard.

15. What does Song get upset about when she enters the room?
(a) Her servants haven't taken his coat.
(b) Her servants are ignoring her.
(c) Gallimard is upset.
(d) Her servants haven't poured any tea.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Pinkerton pay for Butterfly?

2. What does Song say is undervalued in the West?

3. In grammar school, what title was Gallimard given?

4. What is Gallimard sick of hearing about the Chinese culture?

5. What is different about the night that occurs in Scene 10?

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