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Objective: From the first scene, Gallimard speaks directly to his audience to relate his story. From then on, it follows important vignettes that have affected the course of Gallimard's life, often flashing back and forth between different years and conjuring fantastical moments within Gallimard's imagination. The objective of this lesson is understanding the structure David Henry Hwang chose for his play.

1. For class discussion: How do you feel about the structure of the play? Is it an effective way to tell a story? Imagine the staged version of the play. Does the class believe it would be an easy storyline to follow?

2. Have the class break into five groups. Have each group stage its own interpretation of one of the first five scene of M. Butterfly and take turns performing them. After the conclusion of Scene 5, discuss the flow of one scene and setting to another.

3. For...

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