M. Butterfly Character Descriptions

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Comrade Chin - The Chinese Communist Party official who obtains top secret information from Song.

Rene Gallimard - An unimpressive and unattractive person; uncomfortable in his relations with the women. This character serves as the narrator of the play.

Helga - This character is originally from Australia and yearns to have a child.

Judge - At the trial in Paris in 1986, this person questions Song about his relationship with Gallimard.

Song Liling - A Chinese singer and actor. This character seduces the French ambassador while secretly passing along information to the Chinese Communist Party.

Marc - An old school friend of Gallimard's, this character cheated on his/her spouse after six months of marriage and is portrayed as a misogynist.

Renee - A beautiful student from Denmark who comes to China to learn the language.

M. Toulon - The French Ambassador in Beijing. This character regards...

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