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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Farfrae leave to after his fight?
(a) Mellstock.
(b) Budmouth.
(c) Durnover Hill.
(d) Weatherbury.

2. How does Michael act toward Lucetta when they meet on Donald's farm?
(a) Michael leers at her with cold stares.
(b) Michael is ashamed and runs away from her sight.
(c) Michael is nice and wants forgiveness.
(d) Michael speaks sarcastically to her.

3. The patrons of Peter's Finger feels what with the upper class?
(a) In union.
(b) Resentment.
(c) A sad gap.
(d) Dependent.

4. How does Michael prepare for his fight with Donald?
(a) Michael ties one of his arms down.
(b) Michael makes a hidden trap door.
(c) Michael hides a knife in some haystacks.
(d) Michael sings a curse song aimed at Donald.

5. How does Newson show he is a good father?
(a) He finds Elizabeth to help financially support her.
(b) He brings Elizabeth many gifts on his return.
(c) He buys Elizabeth a store to help her make an income.
(d) Newson keeps a lock of Elizabeth's hair at all times to remember her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Michael challenge Donald to a fight?

2. Who is the first to aid Lucetta?

3. Newly bankrupt and now a journeyman, what is the only thing Michael looks forward to?

4. What image does Henchard see at Ten Hatches Hole?

5. In what state does Elizabeth find Henchard's gift?

Short Essay Questions

1. During Henchard's bankruptcy hearing, Michael shows appreciation towards the creditors. Summarize Henchard's last act that evokes sympathy from his creditors.

2. When Henchard and Lucetta meet at the Ring, Henchard is agreeable. Lucetta plans for that night to get what she wants. How does this meeting show Lucetta's power of persuasion?

3. Of all the places that Lucetta chooses to meet Michael, why at the Ring? Hardy sets it there in the novel, but Lucetta is unaware that Susan and Michael meet there before. What is the importance of the Ring in this chapter?

4. Donald's singing affects Henchard before he is able to challenge the Scotchman. Why does a song affect him? What is the importance of the particular song?

5. When Henchard arrives at Farfrae's home, he has every intention to read Lucetta's letters to Donald and reveal the author. However, he does not. He reads the letters, but stops himself from telling anymore. Why doesn't Henchard go through with his plan?

6. How is the public treating Henchard and Donald after the Royal Personage passes through town? How is this different from earlier times? What does this say about the public?

7. Describe the relationship between the classes. How are they related to one another? Does one depend on the other? Are they co-dependent? Do they interact with one another? If so, how? What is different between the two classes? Can one move between the classes? How so? Who is an example?

8. Michael shows changes for the better. But there are still times that Michael cannot empathize and understand another person's position. How does he show this lack of understanding that people behave differently than he?

9. Henchard worries that Newson returns and unfolds the truth to Elizabeth. Yet, when Elizabeth goes to Michael for advice and meeting an anonymous person, Henchard tells her to go. Henchard is aware this person is Newson, so why does Henchard not tell her it is dangerous or give some excuse? Why does he lead her to the truth despite knowing he loses her?

10. When Michael pins Donald and is in a position to throw him down the trap door, Donald yells, "... take it, take it! Ye've wished to long enough!" What effect do these words have on Michael? If Donald does not said them, what happens?

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