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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What delays Jopp from running Henchard's errand?
(a) He is distracted by Mrs. Cuxsom and Mockridge.
(b) Jopp takes time to think by the bridge.
(c) Jopp heads to the Three Mariners.
(d) Farfrae stops him to run another errand first.

2. Michael states Donald treats him like a ______ breaking fence.
(a) Horse.
(b) Donkey.
(c) Pig.
(d) Bull.

3. Who meets Farfrae, but unsuccessfully brings him home to Lucetta?
(a) Whittle.
(b) One of Farfrae's employees.
(c) The doctor.
(d) Henchard.

4. What news does Michael hear at the stone bridge?
(a) Jopp knows about the Jersey affair.
(b) Farfrae is mayor.
(c) Farfrae buys his personal belongings.
(d) Farfrae is hiring corn-trussers.

5. In what state does Elizabeth find Henchard's gift?
(a) It is lifeless.
(b) Weathered.
(c) In perfect condition.
(d) She never finds it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jopp ask of Lucetta?

2. Who warms Donald about the happenings at the Three Mariners?

3. What makes Farfrae fall out of favor with the lower class?

4. How does Lucetta discover the scandal concerns her?

5. Who helps fund the "skimmity ride"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Michael shows changes for the better. But there are still times that Michael cannot empathize and understand another person's position. How does he show this lack of understanding that people behave differently than he?

2. Donald's singing affects Henchard before he is able to challenge the Scotchman. Why does a song affect him? What is the importance of the particular song?

3. Michael sees his effigy in the river and begins to lose any composure he has left. What is Michael thinking when he realizes what the image is?

4. Describe the relationship between the classes. How are they related to one another? Does one depend on the other? Are they co-dependent? Do they interact with one another? If so, how? What is different between the two classes? Can one move between the classes? How so? Who is an example?

5. Elizabeth is an independent woman who likes to take walks along Budmouth Road to the sea. It is a secret that she does not tell Farfrae. What is this secret and why is the sea important to her?

6. When Henchard arrives at Farfrae's home, he has every intention to read Lucetta's letters to Donald and reveal the author. However, he does not. He reads the letters, but stops himself from telling anymore. Why doesn't Henchard go through with his plan?

7. How is the public treating Henchard and Donald after the Royal Personage passes through town? How is this different from earlier times? What does this say about the public?

8. Lucetta has a brief encounter with Henchard on the farm. In her anger, she is unable to speak her mind right away and leaves. Angry at Henchard's approach, she writes him a letter to stop being so cruel. How does this show Lucetta's inability to think ahead and learn her mistakes?

9. Henchard reads Lucetta's letters aloud to Farfrae. Although the author is unknown to Farfrae, what do the letters say about the woman who writes them?

10. After Lucetta's death, Donald and Elizabeth are seen in courtship. Compare and contrast this courtship to their first one before Lucetta came to Casterbridge.

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