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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the motive behind the "skimmity ride"?
(a) The furmity woman wants to revenge the town.
(b) The lower class hates Farfrae.
(c) Cuxsom is in love with Henchard.
(d) Pure fun against the upper class.

2. How does Newson show he is a good father?
(a) Newson keeps a lock of Elizabeth's hair at all times to remember her.
(b) He finds Elizabeth to help financially support her.
(c) He buys Elizabeth a store to help her make an income.
(d) He brings Elizabeth many gifts on his return.

3. What does Henchard's will request?
(a) To be cremated and spread in Casterbridge.
(b) That no one honour him nor remember him.
(c) That Farfrae forgives him.
(d) To be buried in the ring.

4. What is Michael's solution to the upcoming disclosure of his lie to Newson?
(a) Henchard decides to leave Casterbridge.
(b) Henchard writes a note defending his stance to Elizabeth.
(c) Michael intercepts Newson and threatens him.
(d) Michael coerces Elizabeth to stay with him instead.

5. What image does Henchard see at Ten Hatches Hole?
(a) Donald's face.
(b) The bull horns from the skimmity ride.
(c) Lucetta's effigy.
(d) His effigy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Farfrae fall out of favor with the lower class?

2. What makes Henchard change his mind about his fight even before it begins?

3. Jopp feels _______ about Lucetta's condition.

4. How does Henchard show that he now thinks of Elizabeth above himself?

5. During the ruckus of the skimmity ride, who shows the most bravery?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Lucetta's death, Donald and Elizabeth are seen in courtship. Compare and contrast this courtship to their first one before Lucetta came to Casterbridge.

2. Henchard promises Lucetta that he returns her letters and not be the one to tell her secret. However, he gives Jopp the letters to send back to Lucetta. Jopp uses this opportunity to retaliate. Even without trying, Michael acts in a way that condemns Lucetta. How much is this in his nature? Does Henchard ever change fully to make sound decisions that do not befall him or the people he cares for?

3. Describe the events that inhibit the law enforcers to promptly find the perpetrators of the skimmity ride.

4. Of all the places that Lucetta chooses to meet Michael, why at the Ring? Hardy sets it there in the novel, but Lucetta is unaware that Susan and Michael meet there before. What is the importance of the Ring in this chapter?

5. When Henchard arrives at Farfrae's home, he has every intention to read Lucetta's letters to Donald and reveal the author. However, he does not. He reads the letters, but stops himself from telling anymore. Why doesn't Henchard go through with his plan?

6. Michael sees his effigy in the river and begins to lose any composure he has left. What is Michael thinking when he realizes what the image is?

7. Elizabeth is an independent woman who likes to take walks along Budmouth Road to the sea. It is a secret that she does not tell Farfrae. What is this secret and why is the sea important to her?

8. Although Farfrae buys Henchard's house and furniture in good faith, and offers him a room and job to help him. Describe what it feels like for Michael.

9. In chapter 32, what is becoming apparent of Elizabeth Jane? How is she changing? Is she the same person as when she lives with Henchard years before?

10. Henchard worries that Newson returns and unfolds the truth to Elizabeth. Yet, when Elizabeth goes to Michael for advice and meeting an anonymous person, Henchard tells her to go. Henchard is aware this person is Newson, so why does Henchard not tell her it is dangerous or give some excuse? Why does he lead her to the truth despite knowing he loses her?

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