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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sentimental item does Henchard bring with him on his travels?
(a) A rock piece from his old house and business.
(b) A brooch Elizabeth used to wear.
(c) The flag he makes for the Royal Personage.
(d) A lock of Elizabeth's hair.

2. Who nurses Henchard on his deathbed?
(a) Solomon.
(b) A stranger.
(c) Whittle.
(d) Elizabeth.

3. What causes greater enmity between Michael and Henchard?
(a) Lucetta tells Donald the truth about her affair.
(b) Henchard pushes Donald in public.
(c) Donald is forced to dismiss Henchard as a journeyman.
(d) Donald pushes Henchard in public.

4. Michael is paranoid that Donald ___________.
(a) Dismisses him from employment.
(b) Turns Elizabeth against him.
(c) Changes his mind about their reconciled friendship.
(d) Discovers Henchard's latest secret.

5. In what state does Elizabeth find Henchard's gift?
(a) Weathered.
(b) In perfect condition.
(c) It is lifeless.
(d) She never finds it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What big celebration is coming up in Casterbridge?

2. Where does Farfrae often court Elizabeth?

3. When Henchard leaves Casterbridge, what employment does he find?

4. What does Farfrae indirectly offer Henchard?

5. What does Michael do with his last possessions?

Short Essay Questions

1. During Henchard's bankruptcy hearing, Michael shows appreciation towards the creditors. Summarize Henchard's last act that evokes sympathy from his creditors.

2. After a visit to Ten Hatches Hole, Michael goes back to see Elizabeth. Henchard refers to himself as unlearned and ignorant. How does this show how Michael thinks differently of Elizabeth, even though he speaks about himself?

3. Henchard reads Lucetta's letters aloud to Farfrae. Although the author is unknown to Farfrae, what do the letters say about the woman who writes them?

4. When Henchard goes bankrupt and feels shame, he turns to Jopp. Despite his harsh behavior towards Jopp, why does Henchard turn to him?

5. Lucetta has a brief encounter with Henchard on the farm. In her anger, she is unable to speak her mind right away and leaves. Angry at Henchard's approach, she writes him a letter to stop being so cruel. How does this show Lucetta's inability to think ahead and learn her mistakes?

6. After Henchard's bankruptcy, Henchard becomes an associate of the lower class. He now works beside them, dresses in shabby clothing, and lives in the same vicinity. But how is Henchard different from the lower class? What large difference do he and Jopp have despite their similar circumstances?

7. Donald's singing affects Henchard before he is able to challenge the Scotchman. Why does a song affect him? What is the importance of the particular song?

8. In Lucetta's illness and death, how does Lucetta manage to manipulate the people around her? How does her reaction to the effigy, intentional or not, play her "practicable weapon"?

9. Henchard worries that Newson returns and unfolds the truth to Elizabeth. Yet, when Elizabeth goes to Michael for advice and meeting an anonymous person, Henchard tells her to go. Henchard is aware this person is Newson, so why does Henchard not tell her it is dangerous or give some excuse? Why does he lead her to the truth despite knowing he loses her?

10. Although Farfrae buys Henchard's house and furniture in good faith, and offers him a room and job to help him. Describe what it feels like for Michael.

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