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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the town's mood when Mrs. Farfrae's condition is heard?
(a) Guilty.
(b) They feel she deserves it.
(c) Apathetic.
(d) Content.

2. Newly bankrupt and now a journeyman, what is the only thing Michael looks forward to?
(a) Talking with Elizabeth.
(b) Being able to drink again.
(c) Talking to his river image at the bridge.
(d) Talking with Jopp.

3. What news does Michael hear at the stone bridge?
(a) Farfrae buys his personal belongings.
(b) Jopp knows about the Jersey affair.
(c) Farfrae is hiring corn-trussers.
(d) Farfrae is mayor.

4. What big celebration is coming up in Casterbridge?
(a) Farfrae is knighted.
(b) Farfrae and Elizabeth are getting married.
(c) Casterbridge receives royal commendations.
(d) Christmas.

5. What does Farfrae decide to do to avenge his wife's death?
(a) Recruit all the councilman and constables for an investigation.
(b) Nothing because it only prolongs everyone's embarrassment.
(c) Loiter Peter's Finger until information is retrieved.
(d) Offer a monetary award for information.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lucetta ask Michael to meet?

2. How does Michael prepare for his fight with Donald?

3. Where does Michael challenge Donald to a fight?

4. What does Henchard warn Lucetta?

5. What makes Elizabeth wary of Henchard's hatred toward Farfrae?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the public treating Henchard and Donald after the Royal Personage passes through town? How is this different from earlier times? What does this say about the public?

2. When Henchard arrives at Farfrae's home, he has every intention to read Lucetta's letters to Donald and reveal the author. However, he does not. He reads the letters, but stops himself from telling anymore. Why doesn't Henchard go through with his plan?

3. Henchard reads Lucetta's letters aloud to Farfrae. Although the author is unknown to Farfrae, what do the letters say about the woman who writes them?

4. Longways and a couple of other men do not like the idea behind the "skimmity ride". Longways sends Donald away to help him avoid embarrassment. Why does he do this for Farfrae but not for Lucetta?

5. Michael decides to buy a wedding present for Elizabeth. Without much money, he settles on a caged goldfinch. What is the significance of the goldfinch? What does it symbolize?

6. When Henchard goes bankrupt and feels shame, he turns to Jopp. Despite his harsh behavior towards Jopp, why does Henchard turn to him?

7. What is the significance of Psalm 109? Why does the band refuse to play such a song? What is the irony in the lyrics?

8. Elizabeth is an independent woman who likes to take walks along Budmouth Road to the sea. It is a secret that she does not tell Farfrae. What is this secret and why is the sea important to her?

9. In chapter 42, Michael disagrees about some of Elizabeth's decisions. How does Michael show that he is actively changing for the better?

10. Describe the events that inhibit the law enforcers to promptly find the perpetrators of the skimmity ride.

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