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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What consequence occurs when Henchard makes a bad corn deal?
(a) The only person to loan Henchard money is Farfrae.
(b) The bank takes possession of his belongings.
(c) Henchard is evicted from his home.
(d) The farmers threaten Henchard if they don't get their pay.

2. What is the relationship like between Susan and Michael?
(a) Happy and content.
(b) Indifferent since they are an arranged marriage.
(c) Resentful from both sides.
(d) Loving from Susan to Michael, but Michael detests Susan.

3. What are Michael's first words when he sees Susan after so many years?
(a) "I don't drink."
(b) "I looked for you."
(c) "I love you."
(d) "I'm sorry."

4. What is Lucetta's initial response when she meets Farfrae?
(a) She is attracted and flirts with him.
(b) She disapproves of him.
(c) She hardly takes notice.
(d) She thinks he is smart, but not comparatively to Henchard.

5. How does Elizabeth and Lucetta meet?
(a) Lucetta visits Henchard and meets Elizabeth.
(b) They are both visiting Susan's grave.
(c) While looking for Farfrae in the marketplace.
(d) Elizabeth applies to work for the new woman coming to Casterbridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Michael discover Lucetta is in Casterbridge?

2. What does Elizabeth notice about the backdoor of Miss Templeman's home?

3. Where do Susan and Elizabeth Jane go for lodgings?

4. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?

5. What are Farfrae's plans when he arrives in Casterbridge?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Hardy reveals that Henchard is not in love with Susan, he feels defensive when the boys around town call Susan, "The Ghost". Does he really love her and does not know it? Is he defensive to protect his own name? Is Henchard a better man that he reveals himself to be?

2. In chapter 42, Michael disagrees about some of Elizabeth's decisions. How does Michael show that he is actively changing for the better?

3. How is the public treating Henchard and Donald after the Royal Personage passes through town? How is this different from earlier times? What does this say about the public?

4. When Michael pins Donald and is in a position to throw him down the trap door, Donald yells, "... take it, take it! Ye've wished to long enough!" What effect do these words have on Michael? If Donald does not said them, what happens?

5. Henchard is quite fond of Farfrae's work. However, Farfrae views himself quite different from Henchard. What does Farfrae think of Henchard as a person? A businessman?

6. Abel Whittle is chronically late and with many warnings, he continues to be late. Fed up, Henchard heads to Abel's house and makes him get to the granary without breeches on. Farfrae argues that the joke goes too far and Abel should get him and dress. Henchard contends that it is to teach Abel a lesson and that this is no joke. When Henchard sells Susan to Newson, it too starts off as a joke. Henchard and all present blames the rum. Compare the two situations and Henchard's character. How much of the rum is to blame for the joke getting out of hand? If Farfrae is not there to stop the punishment, does Henchard continue on with the lesson?

7. When Henchard arrives at Farfrae's home, he has every intention to read Lucetta's letters to Donald and reveal the author. However, he does not. He reads the letters, but stops himself from telling anymore. Why doesn't Henchard go through with his plan?

8. Henchard promises Lucetta that he returns her letters and not be the one to tell her secret. However, he gives Jopp the letters to send back to Lucetta. Jopp uses this opportunity to retaliate. Even without trying, Michael acts in a way that condemns Lucetta. How much is this in his nature? Does Henchard ever change fully to make sound decisions that do not befall him or the people he cares for?

9. In the midst of Lucetta's illness, Michael begins to see Elizabeth in a whole new way? What sparks this feeling?

10. In chapter 32, what is becoming apparent of Elizabeth Jane? How is she changing? Is she the same person as when she lives with Henchard years before?

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