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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Henchard hire to compete against Farfrae?
(a) One of the councilmen.
(b) Jopp.
(c) Mr. Cuxom.
(d) Elizabeth.

2. Why does Lucetta invite Elizabeth to live with her?
(a) To get Elizabeth closer to Farfrae.
(b) To take Elizabeth away from Henchard's demeaning home.
(c) To teach Elizabeth a more refined way of living.
(d) To give Henchard an excuse to visit her home.

3. What change is observed in Michael's behavior toward Donald when Donald becomes more popular?
(a) Henchard becomes even more overbearing of a friend so Farfrae likes him the best.
(b) It becomes all business with no extraneous friendship.
(c) Michael is short-tempered with Donald at all times.
(d) Michael follows Donald everywhere to keep an eye on him.

4. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?
(a) It's not in Michael's house.
(b) Farfrae refers some customers to Henchard's business.
(c) Elizabeth is to leave as soon as possible.
(d) Farfrae pays a sum.

5. When Elizabeth meets Lucetta on the road, who/what attacks them?
(a) A wild horse.
(b) Jopp.
(c) Henchard.
(d) A raging bull.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Farfrae's initial impression of Elizabeth Jane?

2. How does Elizabeth and Lucetta meet?

3. What new machinery is introduced at the Saturday market?

4. What surprising feature does Elizabeth and Susan notice about the glasses in front of the mayor?

5. What does Lucetta do when Michael finally calls for her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Before Michael discovers who Elizabeth's real father is, he wants her to legally change her name to Henchard. For whom does he want this? How does Michael regard Elizabeth's feelings in this matter? Is it for them as a relationship as purely for his selfish wants?

2. Elizabeth Jane is very observant of Farfrae and Henchard. What does she notice about their relationship? What are some expectations that come true? Why does the dismissal of Farfrae not so unexpected?

3. Donald Farfrae is a stranger in Casterbridge, yet he decides to help Henchard. This is not a common act between strangers as seen by Henchard's surprise. What does this say about Farfrae's character? Does he really want something or is he really acting as a good Samaritan?

4. When Henchard writes a note to Susan, he also gives five guineas in return. What does Henchard hope to portray in this gift? How does Susan react to the money when she sees it?

5. Hardy makes note that the Three Mariners sign is old. However, it is not due to the owner's lack of care as it is the lack of a painter in town. What does that imply about Casterbridge?

6. What is the atmosphere of the furmity tent when Michael offers his wife for sale?

7. At the hiring market, Farfrae and Lucetta witness a farmer who is in a dilemma. Either the farmer loses his sweetheart or fails his father. Lucetta shows concern and Farfrae offers to hire the man close in town so the farmer does not have to choose. What is the motivation behind Donald's decision? Does he really have concern for the farmer? Is it to impress Lucetta instead?

8. When the furmity woman is shown as the defendant, Henchard notices something familiar but the thought flees his mind as quickly as it comes in. How does the furmity woman represent the sale of his wife twenty years ago? How does Henchard's reaction to the furmity woman represent how he feels about the transaction?

9. Henchard hears from Lucetta and believes he should marry her. At this point, Susan is on her deathbed. Why does Henchard want to marry Lucetta? Is it another obligation? Does he have feelings for her?

10. When Henchard first learns about Donald's popularity, he cannot help but be jealous. However, he sees Donald as a genuinely good man who cares for people's feelings. What internal battle does Henchard experience concerning Donald Farfrae? How does he personally feel about Farfrae? How does this affect his natural jealousy?

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