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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news are the townsfolk waiting for at the end of chapter 30?
(a) Whether Henchard keeps his business.
(b) What becomes of Elizabeth.
(c) What becomes of the furmity woman.
(d) Whether Donald keeps his business.

2. Michael incessantly criticizes Elizabeth for what?
(a) Her fashion sense.
(b) Her courtship with Farfrae.
(c) Her dialect.
(d) Her inability to stand up for herself.

3. What is Michael Henchard's initial reaction when Elizabeth requests to leave?
(a) He is hurt.
(b) He is suspicious.
(c) He is agreeable and willing.
(d) He is angry she leaves him.

4. What makes Elizabeth believe Donald is not interested in wooing her?
(a) She believes she is too plain.
(b) She is the stepdaughter of a contemptuous man.
(c) Farfrae is too smart for her.
(d) Farfrae opens up a competing business against her father's.

5. Weydon Priors can be described as ...
(a) A bustling city.
(b) A ghost town.
(c) A plain farmtown.
(d) The next big thing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Michael's first words when he sees Susan after so many years?

2. How do Susan and Elizabeth pay for their lodgings, despite their little income?

3. What does Farfrae and Susan observe about Henchard?

4. What does Michael do for a living?

5. In chapter 28, why do so many gather around Town Hall?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the furmity woman is shown as the defendant, Henchard notices something familiar but the thought flees his mind as quickly as it comes in. How does the furmity woman represent the sale of his wife twenty years ago? How does Henchard's reaction to the furmity woman represent how he feels about the transaction?

2. At the hiring market, Farfrae and Lucetta witness a farmer who is in a dilemma. Either the farmer loses his sweetheart or fails his father. Lucetta shows concern and Farfrae offers to hire the man close in town so the farmer does not have to choose. What is the motivation behind Donald's decision? Does he really have concern for the farmer? Is it to impress Lucetta instead?

3. Henchard is a man of wealth and status in Casterbridge, yet he is lonely in friendship as well as marriage. As soon as he meets Farfrae, he is intrigued. Not only does he look to Farfrae as a business manager, but also as a friend. What benefits and dangers does Henchard risk in befriending Farfrae so early on with such sensitive confessions?

4. Hardy makes note that the Three Mariners sign is old. However, it is not due to the owner's lack of care as it is the lack of a painter in town. What does that imply about Casterbridge?

5. When Susan is auctioned to Newson, she thinks it is binding. However, Hardy remarks that she is not the only woman to think this way. What does this say about Susan? About the times?

6. Henchard shows both happiness and reservations concerning Susan's return. Henchard plans to remarry and care for his family. However, in his note to Susan, he writes, "The news upsets me almost," and in their meeting he states, "But- to lead me into ... this difficulty about our living together ..." What is going through Henchard's mind as he learns of his wife's return? Does he love her or is he obliged to a duty? What causes his reservations?

7. How does Michael Henchard feel when Susan leaves with the sailor?

8. Donald Farfrae is a stranger in Casterbridge, yet he decides to help Henchard. This is not a common act between strangers as seen by Henchard's surprise. What does this say about Farfrae's character? Does he really want something or is he really acting as a good Samaritan?

9. At first request, Michael is agreeable to let Elizabeth leave and gain independence. But when the time comes for her to leave, he gets angry and flustered at the idea. Why does Henchard react with such contradiction?

10. When Susan dies, Henchard agrees to marry Lucetta out of pity. He still does not call on her when she arrives to Casterbridge. Suddenly, he is adamant about getting her attention and marrying her. What causes the sudden change of heart? What does Henchard want from this?

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