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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 28, why do so many gather around Town Hall?
(a) There is a large wagon crash.
(b) The defendant spread the rumor she tells a secret of the magistrate.
(c) The defendant tells Lucetta's secret.
(d) The name of the new mayor is to be announced.

2. How does Elizabeth and Lucetta meet?
(a) Lucetta visits Henchard and meets Elizabeth.
(b) Elizabeth applies to work for the new woman coming to Casterbridge.
(c) They are both visiting Susan's grave.
(d) While looking for Farfrae in the marketplace.

3. How does Michael discover Lucetta is in Casterbridge?
(a) He remembers Templeman is Lucetta's aunt's surname.
(b) Elizabeth describes the mystery woman to Henchard.
(c) Lucetta strategically runs into him at the marketplace.
(d) Michael sees her at Susan's grave.

4. What change is observed in Michael's behavior toward Donald when Donald becomes more popular?
(a) Michael follows Donald everywhere to keep an eye on him.
(b) Henchard becomes even more overbearing of a friend so Farfrae likes him the best.
(c) It becomes all business with no extraneous friendship.
(d) Michael is short-tempered with Donald at all times.

5. To whom does Michael go for weather advice?
(a) The weather-caster.
(b) Jopp.
(c) Farfrae.
(d) Whittle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?

2. How does Henchard first learn the townspeople prefer Donald over him?

3. How does Henchard almost reveal to Elizabeth she is his daughter?

4. What event occurs in Port-Bredy?

5. How does Michael feel after Susan's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the hiring market, Farfrae and Lucetta witness a farmer who is in a dilemma. Either the farmer loses his sweetheart or fails his father. Lucetta shows concern and Farfrae offers to hire the man close in town so the farmer does not have to choose. What is the motivation behind Donald's decision? Does he really have concern for the farmer? Is it to impress Lucetta instead?

2. Elizabeth Jane is very observant of Farfrae and Henchard. What does she notice about their relationship? What are some expectations that come true? Why does the dismissal of Farfrae not so unexpected?

3. Before Michael discovers who Elizabeth's real father is, he wants her to legally change her name to Henchard. For whom does he want this? How does Michael regard Elizabeth's feelings in this matter? Is it for them as a relationship as purely for his selfish wants?

4. Abel Whittle is chronically late and with many warnings, he continues to be late. Fed up, Henchard heads to Abel's house and makes him get to the granary without breeches on. Farfrae argues that the joke goes too far and Abel should get him and dress. Henchard contends that it is to teach Abel a lesson and that this is no joke. When Henchard sells Susan to Newson, it too starts off as a joke. Henchard and all present blames the rum. Compare the two situations and Henchard's character. How much of the rum is to blame for the joke getting out of hand? If Farfrae is not there to stop the punishment, does Henchard continue on with the lesson?

5. Lucetta shows she is capable of greedy motivations. Yet, she is also victim to Henchard's forceful behaviors. When she returns from Port-Bredy married to Farfrae, Henchard hollers his disapproval and for her to get away. When she does, she enters her home through the backdoor? Knowing what the back alley represents, why does she choose at this time to use this entrance?

6. What changes are seen in the furmity woman when Susan and Elizabeth-Jane returns?

7. Although Hardy reveals that Henchard is not in love with Susan, he feels defensive when the boys around town call Susan, "The Ghost". Does he really love her and does not know it? Is he defensive to protect his own name? Is Henchard a better man that he reveals himself to be?

8. At first request, Michael is agreeable to let Elizabeth leave and gain independence. But when the time comes for her to leave, he gets angry and flustered at the idea. Why does Henchard react with such contradiction?

9. When Susan dies, Henchard agrees to marry Lucetta out of pity. He still does not call on her when she arrives to Casterbridge. Suddenly, he is adamant about getting her attention and marrying her. What causes the sudden change of heart? What does Henchard want from this?

10. When Henchard first learns about Donald's popularity, he cannot help but be jealous. However, he sees Donald as a genuinely good man who cares for people's feelings. What internal battle does Henchard experience concerning Donald Farfrae? How does he personally feel about Farfrae? How does this affect his natural jealousy?

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