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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What motivates Elizabeth to work next to Michael on Donald's farm?
(a) She is scheming with Michael to revenge Farfrae.
(b) Michael is sick so she helps him work.
(c) She wants to keep a watchful eye on Michael.
(d) It gives her better access to spy on Lucetta and Farfrae.

2. What does Henchard buy for Elizabeth?
(a) A new dress.
(b) A goldfinch.
(c) Flowers.
(d) Books.

3. What makes Elizabeth wary of Henchard's hatred toward Farfrae?
(a) Elizabeth is afraid he hurts Lucetta to revenge Farfrae.
(b) She believes he does something dangerous to Farfrae.
(c) She is dubious of Michael's courage to revenge Farfrae.
(d) Elizabeth would rather have Henchard focus his hate on Lucetta.

4. What happens to Michael's business?
(a) The banks close it down.
(b) The town burns it down.
(c) Farfrae buys Michael's business.
(d) The barns and granaries are raided by his former employees.

5. What big celebration is coming up in Casterbridge?
(a) Farfrae is knighted.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Casterbridge receives royal commendations.
(d) Farfrae and Elizabeth are getting married.

6. What makes Henchard change his mind about his fight even before it begins?
(a) Henchard knows he is much too strong for Donald.
(b) Michael sees Lucetta sitting innocently in the carriage.
(c) Donald remembers Farfrae gives him a job.
(d) Donald sings a reminiscent song.

7. What are the councilmen and Farfrae's plans for Henchard?
(a) To re-appoint him mayor.
(b) To make him a councilman.
(c) To rent out a seed store for Henchard.
(d) To give back his old business.

8. What news does Michael hear at the stone bridge?
(a) Farfrae is hiring corn-trussers.
(b) Jopp knows about the Jersey affair.
(c) Farfrae buys his personal belongings.
(d) Farfrae is mayor.

9. When Henchard leaves Casterbridge, what employment does he find?
(a) General manager of a corn business.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Henchard becomes a constable.
(d) Hay-trussing.

10. On the day of the skimmity ride, who knows where Donald goes to?
(a) Whittle and Elizabeth.
(b) Lucetta and Elizabeth.
(c) Henchard and Whittle.
(d) Lucetta and Henchard.

11. What does Farfrae decide to do to avenge his wife's death?
(a) Loiter Peter's Finger until information is retrieved.
(b) Recruit all the councilman and constables for an investigation.
(c) Nothing because it only prolongs everyone's embarrassment.
(d) Offer a monetary award for information.

12. Where does Michael challenge Donald to a fight?
(a) At the ring.
(b) At the Three Mariners.
(c) At Farfrae's home.
(d) In the loft.

13. Michael states Donald treats him like a ______ breaking fence.
(a) Donkey.
(b) Bull.
(c) Pig.
(d) Horse.

14. What is one of the causes of Henchard's bankruptcy?
(a) Farfrae steals all his customers.
(b) Henchard fires half his employees in a fury.
(c) A debtor cannot pay Henchard on time.
(d) Bad weather.

15. What is the motive behind the "skimmity ride"?
(a) The furmity woman wants to revenge the town.
(b) Pure fun against the upper class.
(c) The lower class hates Farfrae.
(d) Cuxsom is in love with Henchard.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lucetta discover the scandal concerns her?

2. What does Lucetta do to manipulate Henchard's feelings?

3. What is Michael's solution to the upcoming disclosure of his lie to Newson?

4. Newson is ______ Henchard and his lies.

5. What does Henchard ponder while at Ten Hatches Hole?

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