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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helps fund the "skimmity ride"?
(a) Mrs. Cuxsom.
(b) A passing stranger.
(c) Jopp.
(d) Unknowingly Farfrae does.

2. How does Newson show he is a good father?
(a) He buys Elizabeth a store to help her make an income.
(b) He finds Elizabeth to help financially support her.
(c) Newson keeps a lock of Elizabeth's hair at all times to remember her.
(d) He brings Elizabeth many gifts on his return.

3. How does Henchard show that he now thinks of Elizabeth above himself?
(a) He accepts the offer of a seed store to give to her.
(b) He makes her breakfast every morning.
(c) Henchard requests Donald to court her.
(d) He gives Elizabeth a foodbasket he feels he does not deserve.

4. What does Henchard ponder while at Ten Hatches Hole?
(a) How to keep Elizabeth's love.
(b) How to revenge the plotters of the skimmity ride.
(c) Committing suicide.
(d) How to regain Farfrae's trust.

5. How does Elizabeth address Henchard when she sees him on her wedding day?
(a) Mr. Henchard.
(b) You.
(c) Father ... uh ... Mr. Henchard.
(d) Michael.

6. Where does Michael challenge Donald to a fight?
(a) At Farfrae's home.
(b) At the Three Mariners.
(c) At the ring.
(d) In the loft.

7. What does Lucetta do to manipulate Henchard's feelings?
(a) She makes herself look tired and plain.
(b) She brushes against his arm when making a request.
(c) She winks and smiles when speaking with him.
(d) She dresses coquetish.

8. Why is Farfrae sent away in the first place?
(a) To prevent a fight between him and Henchard.
(b) To prevent him from stopping the scandal.
(c) To prevent his upcoming embarrassment.
(d) To give him a holiday.

9. Newson confesses he fakes his death. Why does Newson fake it?
(a) To teach Susan to be more independent.
(b) In order to let Susan leave honorably.
(c) Newson feels too trapped with a wife and daughter.
(d) Newson has an affair and feels too ashamed to return home.

10. Who sends Donald to his new destination?
(a) Conway.
(b) Mrs. Cuxsom.
(c) Longways.
(d) Jopp.

11. What news does Michael hear at the stone bridge?
(a) Farfrae is mayor.
(b) Farfrae is hiring corn-trussers.
(c) Farfrae buys his personal belongings.
(d) Jopp knows about the Jersey affair.

12. Jopp feels _______ about Lucetta's condition.
(a) satsified.
(b) anxious.
(c) successful.
(d) indifferent.

13. Who meets Farfrae, but unsuccessfully brings him home to Lucetta?
(a) Whittle.
(b) One of Farfrae's employees.
(c) Henchard.
(d) The doctor.

14. During the ruckus of the skimmity ride, who shows the most bravery?
(a) The constables.
(b) Blowbody.
(c) Charl.
(d) Grower.

15. What unexpected thing does Michael do at the parade?
(a) He makes a flag and greets the Royal Personage.
(b) He blocks the entrance at the bridge.
(c) He marches behind the councilman as if he is one of them.
(d) He sits next to Lucetta to watch the parade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Farfrae's reaction when Elizabeth warns him of Henchard's hatred?

2. When Henchard leaves Casterbridge, what employment does he find?

3. Who warms Donald about the happenings at the Three Mariners?

4. Where does Farfrae often court Elizabeth?

5. What makes Elizabeth wary of Henchard's hatred toward Farfrae?

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