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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of people live at Mixen Lane?
(a) Low-lifes.
(b) Patrons of the Three Mariners.
(c) Church-goers.
(d) The rich that are down in their luck.

2. What are Henchard's intentions when retrieving some letters from Farfrae?
(a) To tell Farfrae about his affair with Lucetta.
(b) To hide the letters in case he needs to blackmail Lucetta in the future.
(c) To burn them immediately.
(d) To read them to Lucetta, hoping to evoke some emotions from her.

3. What does Lucetta request from Henchard?
(a) For Michael to move away.
(b) For Michael to treat Elizabeth more fairly.
(c) Her past love letters.
(d) For Michael to quit Farfrae's employment.

4. During the ruckus of the skimmity ride, who shows the most bravery?
(a) Grower.
(b) Blowbody.
(c) The constables.
(d) Charl.

5. How does Lucetta react to Michael in Donald's farm?
(a) Lucetta approaches Michael and asks if he wants some tea.
(b) Lucetta stares icily until Henchard turns away.
(c) Lucetta ignores him and keeps her stride.
(d) Lucetta writes a letter requesting he stop his patronization.

6. Jopp feels _______ about Lucetta's condition.
(a) successful.
(b) anxious.
(c) indifferent.
(d) satsified.

7. Newly bankrupt and now a journeyman, what is the only thing Michael looks forward to?
(a) Talking with Elizabeth.
(b) Talking with Jopp.
(c) Being able to drink again.
(d) Talking to his river image at the bridge.

8. How do Henchard's former employees view their new boss?
(a) They are less fearful of him.
(b) The man is respectable, but not as hearty and friendly as Henchard.
(c) They believe the new boss is equal in every way to Henchard.
(d) They like him less because he pays less.

9. What does Michael do to further exemplify his selfishness?
(a) Tells Elizabeth to make breakfast despite her sleepless night.
(b) Lies to Newson about Elizabeth.
(c) Enter the Farfrae household and demand to know what is going on.
(d) Ask Elizabeth if Lucetta mentions him on her deathbed.

10. How does Newson show he is a good father?
(a) He brings Elizabeth many gifts on his return.
(b) Newson keeps a lock of Elizabeth's hair at all times to remember her.
(c) He buys Elizabeth a store to help her make an income.
(d) He finds Elizabeth to help financially support her.

11. What news does Michael hear at the stone bridge?
(a) Jopp knows about the Jersey affair.
(b) Farfrae is mayor.
(c) Farfrae buys his personal belongings.
(d) Farfrae is hiring corn-trussers.

12. How does Michael prepare for his fight with Donald?
(a) Michael ties one of his arms down.
(b) Michael sings a curse song aimed at Donald.
(c) Michael hides a knife in some haystacks.
(d) Michael makes a hidden trap door.

13. What big celebration is coming up in Casterbridge?
(a) Farfrae is knighted.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Farfrae and Elizabeth are getting married.
(d) Casterbridge receives royal commendations.

14. What is the people's reaction to the skiff between Michael and Donald?
(a) They believe Michael deserves Donald's treatment.
(b) They are more interested in their own matters.
(c) They are both unliked by the middle and lower class.
(d) They think Donald is acting unfairly.

15. Rumor of the "skimmity ride" is going around. What is the feeling about this amongst the lower class?
(a) They are dubious of its morality but no one speaks up.
(b) They are ready for some fun after twenty years of boredom.
(c) Split, with some who support it and others who find it too cruel.
(d) They all believe the upper class deserves it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henchard show that he now thinks of Elizabeth above himself?

2. Who warms Donald about the happenings at the Three Mariners?

3. What makes Henchard change his mind about his fight even before it begins?

4. How does Lucetta discover the scandal concerns her?

5. What does Lucetta do to manipulate Henchard's feelings?

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