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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first to aid Lucetta?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Her cook.
(c) Her neighbor.
(d) Henchard.

2. How does Lucetta discover the scandal concerns her?
(a) Lucetta hears her loud neighbors.
(b) Elizabeth tells her.
(c) Lucetta runs out to see her effigy.
(d) Her cook confesses it is about her.

3. What causes Michael's death?
(a) A wagon accident.
(b) A bloody drunken fight.
(c) A heart attack.
(d) Too weak to eat.

4. How does Lucetta react to Michael in Donald's farm?
(a) Lucetta writes a letter requesting he stop his patronization.
(b) Lucetta stares icily until Henchard turns away.
(c) Lucetta approaches Michael and asks if he wants some tea.
(d) Lucetta ignores him and keeps her stride.

5. Of the townsfolk, who approves Elizabeth's and Donald's courtship?
(a) The councilmen.
(b) The men of the Three Mariners.
(c) The lower class women.
(d) The upper class women.

6. What sort of people live at Mixen Lane?
(a) The rich that are down in their luck.
(b) Patrons of the Three Mariners.
(c) Church-goers.
(d) Low-lifes.

7. Newson is ______ Henchard and his lies.
(a) Worried about.
(b) Undaunted by.
(c) Angry at.
(d) Appalled by.

8. What delays Jopp from running Henchard's errand?
(a) Farfrae stops him to run another errand first.
(b) Jopp takes time to think by the bridge.
(c) He is distracted by Mrs. Cuxsom and Mockridge.
(d) Jopp heads to the Three Mariners.

9. What does Henchard warn Lucetta?
(a) That if she is not nice, he tells Donald the truth.
(b) That over time, Henchard expects partnership or the truth of the affair is revealed.
(c) Though Henchard may not say a word, Farfrae hears the truth somewhere.
(d) Henchard challenges Farfrae to a fight.

10. What does Lucetta do to manipulate Henchard's feelings?
(a) She makes herself look tired and plain.
(b) She brushes against his arm when making a request.
(c) She winks and smiles when speaking with him.
(d) She dresses coquetish.

11. What new information keeps Donald from leaving town?
(a) His business is profiting more than ever.
(b) All his friends fail in their adventure abroad.
(c) Lucetta persuades him to stay in Casterbridge.
(d) Donald is offered the mayoral position.

12. What does Henchard ponder while at Ten Hatches Hole?
(a) Committing suicide.
(b) How to keep Elizabeth's love.
(c) How to revenge the plotters of the skimmity ride.
(d) How to regain Farfrae's trust.

13. What section of town does Michael now live?
(a) Priory Mill.
(b) Mixen Lane.
(c) Durnover Hill.
(d) Stone Bridge.

14. What does Henchard's will request?
(a) To be cremated and spread in Casterbridge.
(b) That Farfrae forgives him.
(c) That no one honour him nor remember him.
(d) To be buried in the ring.

15. What types of people linger around the brick bridge?
(a) The churchgoers.
(b) Gossiping women.
(c) The bypassers that travel through Casterbridge between work.
(d) The destitute.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henchard show that he now thinks of Elizabeth above himself?

2. What drunken act does Michael do at the Three Mariners?

3. What misunderstood rumor reaches Henchard that makes him angry?

4. Who helps fund the "skimmity ride"?

5. Who does Michael turn to when he goes bankrupt?

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