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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What types of people linger around the brick bridge?
(a) Gossiping women.
(b) The bypassers that travel through Casterbridge between work.
(c) The churchgoers.
(d) The destitute.

2. How does Donald show thanks to Henchard for his attempt to help the night Lucetta dies?
(a) Donald gives a cordial handshake.
(b) Farfrae sends Henchard a foodbasket.
(c) Donald offers Henchard a seed store.
(d) Donald invites Henchard over for supper.

3. What section of town does Michael now live?
(a) Stone Bridge.
(b) Mixen Lane.
(c) Durnover Hill.
(d) Priory Mill.

4. What does Farfrae decide to do to avenge his wife's death?
(a) Loiter Peter's Finger until information is retrieved.
(b) Nothing because it only prolongs everyone's embarrassment.
(c) Recruit all the councilman and constables for an investigation.
(d) Offer a monetary award for information.

5. What is the people's reaction to the skiff between Michael and Donald?
(a) They are both unliked by the middle and lower class.
(b) They believe Michael deserves Donald's treatment.
(c) They are more interested in their own matters.
(d) They think Donald is acting unfairly.

6. How does Newson show he is a good father?
(a) Newson keeps a lock of Elizabeth's hair at all times to remember her.
(b) He brings Elizabeth many gifts on his return.
(c) He buys Elizabeth a store to help her make an income.
(d) He finds Elizabeth to help financially support her.

7. What does Henchard warn Lucetta?
(a) That over time, Henchard expects partnership or the truth of the affair is revealed.
(b) Though Henchard may not say a word, Farfrae hears the truth somewhere.
(c) That if she is not nice, he tells Donald the truth.
(d) Henchard challenges Farfrae to a fight.

8. What are the councilmen and Farfrae's plans for Henchard?
(a) To give back his old business.
(b) To rent out a seed store for Henchard.
(c) To make him a councilman.
(d) To re-appoint him mayor.

9. What does Michael do with his last possessions?
(a) He sells his watch and gives his last pocket money to a small creditor.
(b) He sells his last possessions to pay his new landlord rent.
(c) He sets them in front of his old house, unable to leave.
(d) He gives them to Elizabeth and asks for forgiveness.

10. Who warms Donald about the happenings at the Three Mariners?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Lawyer Joyce.
(c) Whittle.
(d) Lucetta.

11. When Michael gets sick, who is there to nurse him to health?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Abel Whittle.
(c) No one.
(d) Lucetta.

12. Who is the first to aid Lucetta?
(a) Henchard.
(b) Her neighbor.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Her cook.

13. What does Henchard's will request?
(a) That no one honour him nor remember him.
(b) That Farfrae forgives him.
(c) To be cremated and spread in Casterbridge.
(d) To be buried in the ring.

14. What does Jopp ask of Lucetta?
(a) Partnership with Farfrae.
(b) To take Henchard off his hands.
(c) A corn-trussing position.
(d) Where Elizabeth is.

15. What happens to Michael's business?
(a) The barns and granaries are raided by his former employees.
(b) The town burns it down.
(c) The banks close it down.
(d) Farfrae buys Michael's business.

Short Answer Questions

1. Newly bankrupt and now a journeyman, what is the only thing Michael looks forward to?

2. What does Henchard ponder while at Ten Hatches Hole?

3. What causes Michael to see Elizabeth in a new light?

4. Where is Henchard when the commotions of the scandal are heard from town?

5. What does Lucetta do to manipulate Henchard's feelings?

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