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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henchard suggest to announce in the paper?
(a) The smooth workings of the business with Farfrae as manager.
(b) He and Susan's marriage place and date.
(c) The corn from Durnover are ready for market.
(d) Elizabeth Jane Newson is now Elizabeth Jane Henchard.

2. What is one of Henchard's motives for his remarriage with Susan?
(a) He is obliged by an oath he makes nineteen years ago.
(b) A married man is more respectable than a bachelor.
(c) To punish himself.
(d) To find love again.

3. How does Henchard almost reveal to Elizabeth she is his daughter?
(a) He asks Susan about how Elizabeth handles the voyage to Canada.
(b) He asks Susan about Elizabeth's hair color.
(c) He recalls a time of holding her when she is young.
(d) When Henchard and Elizabeth are in the garden, he talks about the church in Weydon Priors.

4. What does Michael do for a living?
(a) An auctioneer.
(b) A sailor.
(c) A hay-trusser.
(d) A turnip-hoer.

5. Where do Susan and Elizabeth Jane go for lodgings?
(a) The King's Arms.
(b) The nearest farm.
(c) The Three Mariners.
(d) The mayor's mansion.

6. How does Michael discover Lucetta is in Casterbridge?
(a) Lucetta strategically runs into him at the marketplace.
(b) Elizabeth describes the mystery woman to Henchard.
(c) Michael sees her at Susan's grave.
(d) He remembers Templeman is Lucetta's aunt's surname.

7. What is Michael's reaction to what the defendant says?
(a) He is angry and walks out of the courtroom.
(b) He is silent.
(c) He dismisses her ideas as propesterous and carries on with judgment.
(d) He agrees and walks out of the courtroom.

8. Although now the town beauty, what does Elizabeth feel she still lacks?
(a) A proper lady's demeanor.
(b) Fashionable sensibility.
(c) A proper education.
(d) Love.

9. How does Susan react when Michael admits his guilt for a bad deed he does years before?
(a) She feels guilty for thinking bad thoughts about him.
(b) She is curious of which bad deed he is speaking of.
(c) She is happy.
(d) She feels guilty for leaving him.

10. How are Susan and Elizabeth-Jane evident strangers in Casterbridge?
(a) By the way they are dressed.
(b) Their accents give them away.
(c) They do not know the whereabouts of Henchard despite his popularity.
(d) They do not know about the bad corn sold to the bakers and millers.

11. Who does Henchard hire to compete against Farfrae?
(a) Mr. Cuxom.
(b) Jopp.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) One of the councilmen.

12. How does Susan feel about the choreographed courtship?
(a) Dubious of the plan's success.
(b) She revels in the attention.
(c) Awkward.
(d) Dishonest to Elizabeth.

13. What is Lucetta's initial response when she meets Farfrae?
(a) She is attracted and flirts with him.
(b) She disapproves of him.
(c) She hardly takes notice.
(d) She thinks he is smart, but not comparatively to Henchard.

14. In chapter 24, what makes Elizabeth upset?
(a) Henchard publicly dismisses her and Miss Templeman at the market.
(b) Lucetta and Henchard show attraction towards one another.
(c) Lucetta and Farfrae show attraction towards one another.
(d) She is envious of Miss Templeman's fashionability.

15. How does Henchard's demeanor toward Elizabeth change when he hears Susan is alive?
(a) He becomes even more distant.
(b) He is affectionate and kind.
(c) He gets upset.
(d) He is speechless.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?

2. What surprises Elizabeth when she goes to see Henchard?

3. How does Elizabeth and Lucetta meet?

4. How does Donald treat Elizabeth when conversing with the women of High Place Hall?

5. What age is Elizabeth Jane when she and her mother search for Michael Henchard?

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