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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Four pennies are used to keep Susan's eyes closed. What becomes of them after Martha buries them?
(a) Elizabeth digs it out to keep.
(b) Coney digs it out to use for drink.
(c) Abel finds them by accident and brings them back to his mother.
(d) It rusts and and stays buried with the Romans of historical past.

2. Now in Casterbridge, what does Lucetta expect from Henchard?
(a) For Michael to treat Elizabeth well.
(b) Courtship and marriage.
(c) A share in his business.
(d) Monetary compensation.

3. What do the boys of Casterbridge nickname Susan?
(a) The Plain Genteel.
(b) The Cottage Woman.
(c) The Simpleton.
(d) The Ghost.

4. What surprises Henchard the most about Farfrae?
(a) The Scotchman wants a third of his business if he is to be hired.
(b) That a stranger is willing to help without pay.
(c) That the Scotchman is willing to correct the wheat problem for free.
(d) That Farfrae is going to America to harvest wheat.

5. What does Michael decide to do when he discovers his wife emigrates?
(a) Find a new wife.
(b) Go back to the furmity woman.
(c) Settle in Casterbridge.
(d) Save money to follow on the boat.

6. What does Elizabeth notice about the backdoor of Miss Templeman's home?
(a) It is hidden behind a curtain.
(b) The keystone is a disfigured mask.
(c) The alley entrance is as bright as the front entrance.
(d) It faces the marketplace.

7. What inspires Michael to finally ask Lucetta to marry him?
(a) He believes it angers Elizabeth.
(b) He knows Farfrae is courting her.
(c) Michael feels he needs to do right by her.
(d) His loneliness and her disinterest.

8. What change is observed in Michael's behavior toward Donald when Donald becomes more popular?
(a) Michael is short-tempered with Donald at all times.
(b) Henchard becomes even more overbearing of a friend so Farfrae likes him the best.
(c) Michael follows Donald everywhere to keep an eye on him.
(d) It becomes all business with no extraneous friendship.

9. How does Henchard first learn the townspeople prefer Donald over him?
(a) Henchard sees it in the people's faces as they admire Donald dancing.
(b) Through a messenger boy from Durnover.
(c) A lawyer from Henchard's celebration tells him.
(d) From a councilman.

10. How does Susan feel about the choreographed courtship?
(a) Dishonest to Elizabeth.
(b) She revels in the attention.
(c) Dubious of the plan's success.
(d) Awkward.

11. How does Susan know Michael Henchard is in Casterbridge?
(a) She asks the furmity woman.
(b) Michael contacts Susan first.
(c) From a friend.
(d) Through hearsay on the street.

12. What is Lucetta's initial response when she meets Farfrae?
(a) She disapproves of him.
(b) She hardly takes notice.
(c) She is attracted and flirts with him.
(d) She thinks he is smart, but not comparatively to Henchard.

13. What surprises Elizabeth when she goes to see Henchard?
(a) She finds out Henchard and Susan are once married.
(b) She meets Farfrae unexpectedly.
(c) Henchard's estate is too large to find him.
(d) She discovers she is Henchard's daughter.

14. What rash and regretful decision does Henchard make at Donald's celebration?
(a) Henchard denounces everyone for paying a fee rather than attending his free celebration.
(b) Henchard terminates Farfrae's employment.
(c) Henchard grabs his wife and daughter and leaves vehemently.
(d) Henchard drinks for the first time since his oath.

15. Where does Elizabeth move to when she leaves Henchard's house?
(a) Closer to her mother's grave.
(b) Into Farfrae's home.
(c) Durnover Hill.
(d) High Place Hall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Farfrae do that wins the inn patrons over?

2. What occupies Elizabeth's mind after the celebration is over?

3. What does Farfrae and Susan observe about Henchard?

4. What new machinery is introduced at the Saturday market?

5. How does Michael discover Lucetta is in Casterbridge?

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