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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do you describe Henchard's disposition towards strangers?
(a) Charming and cordial.
(b) Festive and hearty.
(c) Bland and disinterested.
(d) Rude and contemptuous.

2. What is the relationship like between Susan and Michael?
(a) Loving from Susan to Michael, but Michael detests Susan.
(b) Happy and content.
(c) Indifferent since they are an arranged marriage.
(d) Resentful from both sides.

3. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?
(a) Farfrae pays a sum.
(b) Elizabeth is to leave as soon as possible.
(c) It's not in Michael's house.
(d) Farfrae refers some customers to Henchard's business.

4. How does Michael discover Lucetta is in Casterbridge?
(a) He remembers Templeman is Lucetta's aunt's surname.
(b) Michael sees her at Susan's grave.
(c) Lucetta strategically runs into him at the marketplace.
(d) Elizabeth describes the mystery woman to Henchard.

5. What rash and regretful decision does Henchard make at Donald's celebration?
(a) Henchard drinks for the first time since his oath.
(b) Henchard grabs his wife and daughter and leaves vehemently.
(c) Henchard terminates Farfrae's employment.
(d) Henchard denounces everyone for paying a fee rather than attending his free celebration.

6. What does Farfrae and Susan observe about Henchard?
(a) Henchard exudes charity to all around him.
(b) Henchard is paranoid.
(c) Henchard has sudden moods.
(d) Henchard is a conman.

7. What does the Scotchman do to get the mayor's attention?
(a) He waits for the mayor to leave the party and approaches him.
(b) He writes a note and throws it through the window.
(c) He never gets the mayor's attenion.
(d) He sends a note via the waiter.

8. What age is Elizabeth Jane when she and her mother search for Michael Henchard?
(a) Twenty-one.
(b) Seventeen.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eighteen.

9. What new machinery is introduced at the Saturday market?
(a) A tractor.
(b) A harvester.
(c) A seed drill.
(d) A combine.

10. Where does Susan and her daughter first see Michael Henchard?
(a) Just outside the King's Arms looking in.
(b) At the King's Arms.
(c) At the Three Mariners.
(d) At a local bakery.

11. What is Michael Henchard's initial reaction when Elizabeth requests to leave?
(a) He is suspicious.
(b) He is agreeable and willing.
(c) He is angry she leaves him.
(d) He is hurt.

12. Where does Elizabeth move to when she leaves Henchard's house?
(a) Closer to her mother's grave.
(b) High Place Hall.
(c) Durnover Hill.
(d) Into Farfrae's home.

13. What does Lucetta do when Michael finally calls for her?
(a) She hides behind a curtain.
(b) She sends him away.
(c) She scolds him for his lateness.
(d) She welcomes him in with waiting arms.

14. Weydon Priors can be described as ...
(a) A plain farmtown.
(b) A bustling city.
(c) The next big thing.
(d) A ghost town.

15. Four pennies are used to keep Susan's eyes closed. What becomes of them after Martha buries them?
(a) It rusts and and stays buried with the Romans of historical past.
(b) Elizabeth digs it out to keep.
(c) Abel finds them by accident and brings them back to his mother.
(d) Coney digs it out to use for drink.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 29, what does Lucetta offer Henchard?

2. What does Farfrae do that wins the inn patrons over?

3. What surprises Elizabeth when she goes to see Henchard?

4. How does Henchard's demeanor toward Elizabeth change when he hears Susan is alive?

5. What makes Susan uncomfortable about her relationship with Newson?

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