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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news are the townsfolk waiting for at the end of chapter 30?
(a) Whether Henchard keeps his business.
(b) Whether Donald keeps his business.
(c) What becomes of the furmity woman.
(d) What becomes of Elizabeth.

2. What change is observed in Michael's behavior toward Donald when Donald becomes more popular?
(a) Michael follows Donald everywhere to keep an eye on him.
(b) Henchard becomes even more overbearing of a friend so Farfrae likes him the best.
(c) Michael is short-tempered with Donald at all times.
(d) It becomes all business with no extraneous friendship.

3. Susan writes a letter to Michael when on her deathbed. What does she request of him concerning this letter?
(a) That he reads it in secrecy and burns the letter afterward.
(b) That he opens it on Elizabeth's wedding day.
(c) To forgive her for her simplicity.
(d) That he opens it only after she passes away.

4. What causes Michael to be bitter towards Elizabeth?
(a) She spends too much of his hard earned money.
(b) Elizabeth brings his status down in town.
(c) He discovers she is not his real daughter.
(d) She is in courtship with Farfrae.

5. What keeps the Scotchman lingering about the King's Arms?
(a) A discussion about the mayor's past.
(b) A discussion on the bad wheat around town.
(c) The King's Arms is the only inn he finds.
(d) The music band gets him curious.

6. How does Donald treat Elizabeth when conversing with the women of High Place Hall?
(a) He feels lucky to have her in the same room.
(b) Donald does not acknowledge her presence.
(c) He attempts to bring her into the conversations.
(d) He feels pity for her.

7. In chapter 19, what act blatantly shows Michael's disrespect for Susan's request?
(a) He opens Susan's deathbed letter early.
(b) He tells Farfrae and Elizabeth to discontinue their courtship.
(c) He marries the Jersey woman immediately after her death.
(d) He does not help Elizabeth receive an education.

8. What does Farfrae and Susan observe about Henchard?
(a) Henchard exudes charity to all around him.
(b) Henchard has sudden moods.
(c) Henchard is a conman.
(d) Henchard is paranoid.

9. What does Henchard suggest to announce in the paper?
(a) The corn from Durnover are ready for market.
(b) He and Susan's marriage place and date.
(c) The smooth workings of the business with Farfrae as manager.
(d) Elizabeth Jane Newson is now Elizabeth Jane Henchard.

10. In chapter 29, what does Lucetta offer Henchard?
(a) Money for his business.
(b) An immediate marriage.
(c) A scheme against Farfrae.
(d) A long engagement.

11. What does Farfrae do that wins the inn patrons over?
(a) He sings a melody about his home country.
(b) He buys a round for everyone in the common room.
(c) He fixes the bad wheat problem.
(d) He orates classic poetry with artistic drama.

12. How does Michael discover Lucetta is in Casterbridge?
(a) Lucetta strategically runs into him at the marketplace.
(b) Michael sees her at Susan's grave.
(c) He remembers Templeman is Lucetta's aunt's surname.
(d) Elizabeth describes the mystery woman to Henchard.

13. What is Farfrae's initial impression of Elizabeth Jane?
(a) He does not notice her.
(b) He finds her below his level.
(c) He is attracted, but sets on heading to America.
(d) He finds her charming and considers staying for her.

14. In chapter 28, why do so many gather around Town Hall?
(a) The defendant tells Lucetta's secret.
(b) The defendant spread the rumor she tells a secret of the magistrate.
(c) The name of the new mayor is to be announced.
(d) There is a large wagon crash.

15. What is the relationship like between Susan and Michael?
(a) Loving from Susan to Michael, but Michael detests Susan.
(b) Happy and content.
(c) Indifferent since they are an arranged marriage.
(d) Resentful from both sides.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?

2. What is Abel's punishment for being chronically late?

3. How are Susan and Elizabeth-Jane evident strangers in Casterbridge?

4. In chapter 24, what makes Elizabeth upset?

5. What does Lucetta do when the town hears the rumors from the defendant about the magistrate?

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