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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event occurs in Port-Bredy?
(a) Lucetta sets up home away from Casterbridge.
(b) Lucetta and Henchard marry.
(c) Farfrae has an affair with Lucetta.
(d) Lucetta and Donald marry.

2. What is Henchard's impression of the new machinery?
(a) He believes it revolutionizes farming.
(b) He is dubious, but is willing to give it a try.
(c) He is ecstatic that only the richer like himself can afford it.
(d) He believes it is useless.

3. What is Elizabeth's plan when she hears the reasons for the town bells and music?
(a) She congratulates the happy couple immediately.
(b) She goes to the Ring to seek her mother.
(c) She moves out of High Place Hall.
(d) She stays at the Three Mariners.

4. What does Henchard suggest to announce in the paper?
(a) The corn from Durnover are ready for market.
(b) He and Susan's marriage place and date.
(c) Elizabeth Jane Newson is now Elizabeth Jane Henchard.
(d) The smooth workings of the business with Farfrae as manager.

5. How are Susan and Elizabeth-Jane evident strangers in Casterbridge?
(a) They do not know the whereabouts of Henchard despite his popularity.
(b) They do not know about the bad corn sold to the bakers and millers.
(c) Their accents give them away.
(d) By the way they are dressed.

6. How does Donald treat Elizabeth when conversing with the women of High Place Hall?
(a) He attempts to bring her into the conversations.
(b) He feels lucky to have her in the same room.
(c) He feels pity for her.
(d) Donald does not acknowledge her presence.

7. In chapter 24, what makes Elizabeth upset?
(a) Henchard publicly dismisses her and Miss Templeman at the market.
(b) Lucetta and Farfrae show attraction towards one another.
(c) She is envious of Miss Templeman's fashionability.
(d) Lucetta and Henchard show attraction towards one another.

8. How do you describe Henchard's disposition towards strangers?
(a) Charming and cordial.
(b) Rude and contemptuous.
(c) Festive and hearty.
(d) Bland and disinterested.

9. Where do Susan and Elizabeth Jane go for lodgings?
(a) The Three Mariners.
(b) The nearest farm.
(c) The mayor's mansion.
(d) The King's Arms.

10. What is Farfrae's initial impression of Elizabeth Jane?
(a) He does not notice her.
(b) He is attracted, but sets on heading to America.
(c) He finds her below his level.
(d) He finds her charming and considers staying for her.

11. Where is the first place Michael heads to when he wakes up in the morning in the furmity tent?
(a) The church.
(b) The nearest farm.
(c) A neighbor's for breakfast.
(d) The seaport.

12. What surprises Henchard the most about Farfrae?
(a) That a stranger is willing to help without pay.
(b) The Scotchman wants a third of his business if he is to be hired.
(c) That Farfrae is going to America to harvest wheat.
(d) That the Scotchman is willing to correct the wheat problem for free.

13. What does Farfrae and Susan observe about Henchard?
(a) Henchard exudes charity to all around him.
(b) Henchard is a conman.
(c) Henchard has sudden moods.
(d) Henchard is paranoid.

14. What does Farfrae do that wins the inn patrons over?
(a) He sings a melody about his home country.
(b) He buys a round for everyone in the common room.
(c) He fixes the bad wheat problem.
(d) He orates classic poetry with artistic drama.

15. Where does Elizabeth move to when she leaves Henchard's house?
(a) High Place Hall.
(b) Durnover Hill.
(c) Into Farfrae's home.
(d) Closer to her mother's grave.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lucetta invite Elizabeth to live with her?

2. What does Michael decide to do when he discovers his wife emigrates?

3. What are Michael's first words when he sees Susan after so many years?

4. Michael incessantly criticizes Elizabeth for what?

5. Michael allows Farfrae to court Elizabeth under what condition?

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