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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Henchard confesses his past marriage with Susan to Farfrae. What additional surprise does Henchard confess to Farfrae?
(a) Henchard is having an affair with a woman from Jersey.
(b) Henchard secretly drinks.
(c) A Jersey woman is blackmailing him about his past.
(d) Henchard knows the wheat is bad when he sells it.

2. What does Michael do for a living?
(a) A turnip-hoer.
(b) A sailor.
(c) An auctioneer.
(d) A hay-trusser.

3. What is Michael's reaction to what the defendant says?
(a) He agrees and walks out of the courtroom.
(b) He is silent.
(c) He dismisses her ideas as propesterous and carries on with judgment.
(d) He is angry and walks out of the courtroom.

4. Where is the first place Michael heads to when he wakes up in the morning in the furmity tent?
(a) The nearest farm.
(b) The seaport.
(c) A neighbor's for breakfast.
(d) The church.

5. What does Henchard suggest to announce in the paper?
(a) The smooth workings of the business with Farfrae as manager.
(b) The corn from Durnover are ready for market.
(c) He and Susan's marriage place and date.
(d) Elizabeth Jane Newson is now Elizabeth Jane Henchard.

6. Weydon Priors can be described as ...
(a) A ghost town.
(b) A plain farmtown.
(c) The next big thing.
(d) A bustling city.

7. To whom does Michael go for weather advice?
(a) The weather-caster.
(b) Jopp.
(c) Whittle.
(d) Farfrae.

8. What does Lucetta request from Henchard?
(a) Immediate marriage.
(b) A meeting with her letters.
(c) An extramarital affair.
(d) Money.

9. What is Elizabeth's plan when she hears the reasons for the town bells and music?
(a) She congratulates the happy couple immediately.
(b) She moves out of High Place Hall.
(c) She goes to the Ring to seek her mother.
(d) She stays at the Three Mariners.

10. Where does Donald set up his new business?
(a) Bowling Walk.
(b) Durnover Hill.
(c) West Walk.
(d) Dunnigan Hill.

11. What occupies Elizabeth's mind after the celebration is over?
(a) The quarrel between Henchard and Farfrae.
(b) The failure of her father's celebration.
(c) Donald Farfrae.
(d) The music and the dancing.

12. Where does Elizabeth move to when she leaves Henchard's house?
(a) Into Farfrae's home.
(b) High Place Hall.
(c) Closer to her mother's grave.
(d) Durnover Hill.

13. What stages does Michael go through when drunk?
(a) Calm, jovial, angry, then quarrelsome.
(b) Serenity, jovial, argumentative, then quarrelsome.
(c) Peaceful, happy, excited, then mean.
(d) Happy, frustrated, then argumentative.

14. What consequence occurs when Henchard makes a bad corn deal?
(a) The farmers threaten Henchard if they don't get their pay.
(b) The only person to loan Henchard money is Farfrae.
(c) Henchard is evicted from his home.
(d) The bank takes possession of his belongings.

15. What does Farfrae do that wins the inn patrons over?
(a) He sings a melody about his home country.
(b) He orates classic poetry with artistic drama.
(c) He buys a round for everyone in the common room.
(d) He fixes the bad wheat problem.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Henchard's impression of the new machinery?

2. What does Lucetta do when Michael finally calls for her?

3. What new machinery is introduced at the Saturday market?

4. What is Abel's punishment for being chronically late?

5. What is Farfrae's reaction to Henchard's confession?

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