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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael decide to do when he discovers his wife emigrates?
(a) Go back to the furmity woman.
(b) Find a new wife.
(c) Save money to follow on the boat.
(d) Settle in Casterbridge.

2. What news are the townsfolk waiting for at the end of chapter 30?
(a) Whether Donald keeps his business.
(b) What becomes of the furmity woman.
(c) Whether Henchard keeps his business.
(d) What becomes of Elizabeth.

3. In chapter 29, what does Lucetta offer Henchard?
(a) A long engagement.
(b) Money for his business.
(c) An immediate marriage.
(d) A scheme against Farfrae.

4. What inspires Michael to finally ask Lucetta to marry him?
(a) He believes it angers Elizabeth.
(b) His loneliness and her disinterest.
(c) Michael feels he needs to do right by her.
(d) He knows Farfrae is courting her.

5. What is Lucetta's initial response when she meets Farfrae?
(a) She hardly takes notice.
(b) She thinks he is smart, but not comparatively to Henchard.
(c) She disapproves of him.
(d) She is attracted and flirts with him.

6. At the scene of the wagon crash, when Henchard's man says the word of Lucetta and Elizabeth Jane are not to be accounted for because all women swoon for Donald, Henchard __________.
(a) Becomes furious at the reminder and rushes off.
(b) Defends the women.
(c) Implores the truth of the statement from the women.
(d) Agrees with him and dismisses the women.

7. Henchard's education is compared to whom?
(a) Plato.
(b) Aristotle.
(c) Achilles.
(d) Aeneas.

8. Why does Lucetta invite Elizabeth to live with her?
(a) To take Elizabeth away from Henchard's demeaning home.
(b) To give Henchard an excuse to visit her home.
(c) To teach Elizabeth a more refined way of living.
(d) To get Elizabeth closer to Farfrae.

9. How does Susan react when Michael admits his guilt for a bad deed he does years before?
(a) She is happy.
(b) She is curious of which bad deed he is speaking of.
(c) She feels guilty for thinking bad thoughts about him.
(d) She feels guilty for leaving him.

10. What are Michael's first words when he sees Susan after so many years?
(a) "I don't drink."
(b) "I looked for you."
(c) "I love you."
(d) "I'm sorry."

11. What surprises Elizabeth when she goes to see Henchard?
(a) She discovers she is Henchard's daughter.
(b) Henchard's estate is too large to find him.
(c) She finds out Henchard and Susan are once married.
(d) She meets Farfrae unexpectedly.

12. What rash and regretful decision does Henchard make at Donald's celebration?
(a) Henchard denounces everyone for paying a fee rather than attending his free celebration.
(b) Henchard grabs his wife and daughter and leaves vehemently.
(c) Henchard terminates Farfrae's employment.
(d) Henchard drinks for the first time since his oath.

13. What is the relationship like between Susan and Michael?
(a) Happy and content.
(b) Resentful from both sides.
(c) Loving from Susan to Michael, but Michael detests Susan.
(d) Indifferent since they are an arranged marriage.

14. What does Elizabeth notice about the backdoor of Miss Templeman's home?
(a) The alley entrance is as bright as the front entrance.
(b) It is hidden behind a curtain.
(c) The keystone is a disfigured mask.
(d) It faces the marketplace.

15. How do Susan and Elizabeth pay for their lodgings, despite their little income?
(a) The nice landlady gives the tired strangers a break.
(b) Farfrae lends them a loan.
(c) Elizabeth works for the landlady to discount the price.
(d) Susan and her daughter work the kitchen for each night's stay.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Michael to be bitter towards Elizabeth?

2. What is Michael Henchard's initial reaction when Elizabeth requests to leave?

3. In chapter 24, what makes Elizabeth upset?

4. How is Casterbridge best described?

5. What do the people of Casterbridge know of the mayor's past wife?

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