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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


Michael begins the auction of his wife as a joke. This is not the first time. At first Susan ignores him, used to his drunken behavior. However, the sale is settled and Susan really leaves with another man this time. The objective is to analyze motivation, actions, and their consequences.


1- Groups: In small groups, discuss Michael's thoughts and behavior in the furmity tent. What weighs his mind? How does he react to this? What does it take to sober him? Does he ever sober up? Why does he not try to bring Susan back immediately? What motivates Michael to start the auction? What stops him from asking her to stay? What motivates him to look for her the next day?

2- Individual Assignment: Write a paragraph as if you are Susan telling the story of what happens in the tent. Why does she stand...

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