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Short Answer Questions

1. Who spends the night in Maurice's arms in Chapter 37?

2. What does Scudder's father do for a living?

3. After seeing his grandfather, what conclusion does Maurice come to?

4. During the match in Chapter 39, how does Maurice feel when he sees Alec?

5. What does Dr. Barry call for when Maurice goes to seek his advice?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom does Ada become engaged to? What does Maurice do after she becomes engaged?

2. When Scudder leaves in the morning, what does Maurice do? What causes Maurice anxiety?

3. When Maurice talks to the first doctor about his homosexuality, what does the doctor say? How does Maurice feel after seeing him?

4. What information does Risley give Maurice about a famous composer? How does this information make Maurice feel?

5. During the cricket match, what happens to Maurice? What does Anne offer Maurice to help him?

6. What does Maurice try to tell his grandfather but cannot? What does Maurice realize about life from his grandfather?

7. When Clive calls Maurice, why is Maurice hurt? What does Maurice do in spite of these feelings?

8. When Alec does not get onto the boat, where does Maurice go to find him? What does Alec assume about Maurice when he sees him?

9. What excuse does Maurice give for leaving Penge in Chapter 40? What do Anne and Clive think is the real reason?

10. On the day of Alec's scheduled departure, whom does Maurice see at the dock? Why is he afraid?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During one vacation, Maurice takes up a relationship with a girl named Gladys Olcott. Write an essay on Maurice's motivation for this relationship and the reasons for its sudden demise.

Essay Topic 2

When Clive hears about Maurice's relationship at the end of the novel, he is shocked. What is Clive's reaction to the news, and what are the reasons behind his reaction?

Essay Topic 3

When Maurice visits Clive and his new wife Anne, he acts differently. Examine Maurice's behavior during this period, and the reasons behind it. Make sure to include at least three examples of his changed behavior.

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