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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maurice yell at Ada for after his fight with Clive?

2. What game does Maurice dislike?

3. After Maurice sees the hypnotist, where does he return to?

4. What word does Maurice use to describe his relationship with Dickie?

5. When Clive arrives in Chapter 39, what does everyone have him do?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Clive writes to Maurice after they break up, what does each letter say? What is uncharacteristic about Maurice and Clive's letters to one another during this time?

2. What does Maurice announce to Clive when he is visiting Penge in Chapter 35? What is Clive's reaction to this? How does this make Maurice feel?

3. What does Maurice try to tell his grandfather but cannot? What does Maurice realize about life from his grandfather?

4. When Maurice visits Penge in Chapter 34, why is he upset at first? Who is there to greet him?

5. When Scudder leaves in the morning, what does Maurice do? What causes Maurice anxiety?

6. What does Alec's letter to Maurice say in Chapter 42? How does Maurice respond to this letter?

7. When Maurice yells at Ada, what does he accuse her of? What does he tell Ada Clive said about her?

8. During the cricket match, what happens to Maurice? What does Anne offer Maurice to help him?

9. Whom does Maurice go to first to try to cure his homosexuality? Why does he go to this person?

10. On his way back to his room, whom does Maurice talk to in Chapter 37? When does he see this person next?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Clive and Maurice come from very different backgrounds. Compare these two backgrounds, and explain how this affects their relationship together. Provide at least 2 examples in your argument.

Essay Topic 2

During one vacation, Maurice takes up a relationship with a girl named Gladys Olcott. Write an essay on Maurice's motivation for this relationship and the reasons for its sudden demise.

Essay Topic 3

When Maurice learns of Clive's engagement, it comes as a great shock to him. Examine the reasons behind Maurice's response to Clive and his fiancée, including their conversation on the telephone.

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