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Maurice Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

Think about Maurice's upbringing in the preparatory school up until college. Write an essay about the timetable of Maurice's awareness of his own sexuality, discussing how his school affects his feelings about this.

During one vacation, Maurice takes up a relationship with a girl named Gladys Olcott. Write an essay on Maurice's motivation for this relationship and the reasons for its sudden demise.

When Maurice and Durham become friends, they test boundaries with one another, both mentally and physically. Discuss the physical relationship between Durham and Maurice, examining what each act means in the evolution of their relationship.

Clive and Maurice come from very different backgrounds. Compare these two backgrounds, and explain how this affects their relationship together. Provide at least 2 examples in your argument.

After Maurice allows himself to pursue a relationship with Clive, his behavior changes. Examine this change in Maurice, providing at least three examples...

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