Maurice Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Maurice Hall - This character is a young Englishman who is growing up as a gentleman, being groomed to take his deceased father's presence in society.

Clive Durham - This character is not interested in women, but his deep sense of religion makes him feel as though his interest in men will cause him to be damned.

Alec Scudder - This character is an employee at the main character's family home, and eventually becomes involved in a relationship with the main character.

Mrs. Hall - This character is a gentlewoman who was widowed at a young age and left with three children to raise.

Anne Durham - This character is the wife of the main character's close friend.

Mr. Lasker Jones - This character is a professional who claims to be able to cure people of personality traits they dislike.

Edna May - This character is a...

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