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Part 1, Chapters 1-5

• The novel begins with a dedication to "a happier year".

• Part One begins with Maurice with at the age of 14.

• He is graduating from the boys' school and moving on to public school.

• Mr. Ducie, a teacher at the school, takes him aside to give him advice before leaving.

• Mr. Ducie tells Maurice about sex, drawing lines in the sand to help Maurice understand what he is talking about.
• Maurice listens, but soon becomes bored because he has never felt these feelings before.

• Mr. Ducie thinks that he must have had these feelings, and continues anyway.

• When Maurice returns home, his mother talks about Maurice's position of filling his father's place.

• Maurice's thoughts stray to a young garden boy who used to work for them.

• Maurice becomes overwhelmed and his mother says he is overtired and must rest.
• In Chapter 3 Maurice goes to public school...

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