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Norman Rush
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator feel about her feelings for Nelson?

2. What racist belief does the narrator's mother hold?

3. Why is Nelson in a bad mood when the narrator tries to cheer him up?

4. What does Nelson plan for the future of Tsau?

5. Who believes that the mysterious "lends itself too easily to liars and liars are the enemy"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator feel about her decision regarding whether or not to stay in Tsau?

2. What are some of the issues that Nelson Denoon and the narrator debate and discuss?

3. Why are the villagers against hand washing and sanitation?

4. What honor does the narrator receive in Tsau? How does she feel about what she's been asked to do?

5. What changes do we see in Nelson and the narrator as a result of Nelson's malaria?

6. How does the village react to Nelson and the narrator becoming a couple? What happens that night?

7. How does Nelson suggest to the narrator that they could stay in Tsau? Why? How does the narrator respond?

8. There continues to be social unrest in Tsau. The village is now split regarding the presence of the night men. What does the narrator learn about the disagreement? How does she feel about it?

9. What does the narrator do the first time Nelson invites her to his house? Is this unexpected?

10. Describe two of the political happenings in Chapter Six. What is their significance?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the social implications of a village like Tsau being cut off from the rest of the African continent? How does the author address these implications? What examples are there?

Essay Topic 2

There are indications throughout the story that the narrator has had a poor relationship with her mother. What are some of these examples? How do you think the narrator's relationship with her mother shapes her current relationships and approach to life?

Essay Topic 3

Norman Rush is a male author writing from a female point of view. How do you think this impacts the telling of the story? Is this approach unusual in literature? Why or why not? How do you think the perspective would have changed if it had been written by a woman? Be sure to explain your answers.

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