Mating Character Descriptions

Norman Rush
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This character is an anonymous American anthropologist who came to Africa to work on a doctoral thesis.

Nelson Denoon

A brilliant academic maverick and socio-political theoretician, this character's life work has centered on setting up planned settlements for underprivileged segments of society where they can learn to reach and maintain social and economic balance.

Grace Denoon

This character becomes mentally and emotionally unhinged during a separation and divorce.


A handsome, talented Canadian photographer who goes on assignment to Victoria Falls.

Martin Wade

This character is a white South African army deserter and exile politically aligned against apartheid and the South African government.


This character is a middle-aged British spy in Gaborone who suffers from almost constant back pain.

Mma Isang

A charter resident of Tsau, this character is a middle-aged member of the Mother Committee that governs Tsau.


A resident and member of the...

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