Mating Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Norman Rush
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Chapter 1 (pages 5-32)

• The reader is introduced to the narrator, who's an unnamed 32-year-old American graduate student.

• She has just finished 18 months studying the effect of seasonal nutritional availability and its effect on fertility in the African bush and is on her way to Gaborone.

• She arrives in Gaborone ready for abundance, luxury, romance, and sex.

• She wants to find a niche for herself, so she positions herself as a cultural tour guide.
• The narrator is offered a house sitting job and receives several invitations to meals and other activities.

• She is planning on resting in Africa until her savings run out.

• She takes a trip to Victoria Falls with a handsome photographer named Giles, but is disappointed when he loses interest in her.

• She realizes on that trip that she is depressed, uncertain, and lonely.

Chapter 1 (pages 32-55)

• While house sitting in Gaborone, the narrator meets Martin...

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