Matilda Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Dahl say parents usually think of their children?

Dahl says parents usually think too highly of their children. Even when they are spoiled, they proclaim them as geniuses.

2. How do teacher get their revenge on parents?

Teachers can get revenge on parents who think their spoiled kids are geniuses on parents' day. This is there chance to show the bad kids' parents just how terrible their children are and, if they carry on as they are, the bleakness of their future.

3. How are Matilda's parents different to most parents?

Matilda's parents are different to most parents because they have no belief in their daughter. It is strange because Matilda has genuine claim to being a genius. Instead of encouraging her, however, her parents tell her off for either being a chatterbox or a dirty little worm.

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