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The author represents this country as a pretty and dreamy place, but with unsavory people often destroying the tranquility.

The Library

Sitting there and looking at its contents, Matilda realizes she is no ordinary girl.

TV Dinners

Whilst eating one of these in front of the TV, as her family does most nights, Matilda is not allowed to leave what her mother calls the family table.

Oil of Violets Hair Tonic

Thinking it makes his hair full and shiny, Mr. Wormwood rubs it in his hair only for it to turn a different color.

Platinum-Blond Hair Dye Extra Strong

This makes Mr. Wormwood hair turn a dirty silver color.

Crunchem Hall Primary School

This is where children are thrown and bad people are defeated.

The Chokey

This is a tall and narrow cupboard with a floor of ten square inches. The inside walls are covered in broken...

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