Matilda Character Descriptions

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Matilda Wormwood - This character fine tunes her special powers to make changes to her and everyone else's life.

Miss Agatha Trunchbull - This character uses his or her size to abuse everyone around him or her, and seems to be close to no one.

Miss Jennifer Honey - This long-suffering character goes out of his or her way to be nice and to help people around him or her. In the end he or she gets exactly what he or she deserves.

Mr. Wormwood - This character's dealings with the underworld and the inability to see past his or her's life and feelings prove to be the character's downfall.

Mrs. Wormwood - This character's so-called beauty is applied by too much makeup and horrible colored hair dye.

Michael Wormwood - This is the only character to wave goodbye to Matilda at the end of the book...

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