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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mr. Vandergelder, what percentage of the world is "fools"?

2. According to Mrs. Malloy, people think milliners are what?

3. What does Cornelius hope to do to Mrs. Malloy?

4. How much money does Cornelius have in Mr. Vandergelder's safe?

5. Who dislikes the milliner business?

Short Essay Questions

1. Prior to Cornelius and Barnaby entering the hat shop, who does Mrs. Malloy claim and why?

2. What confusion begins when Cornelius and Barnaby enter the hat store and lie?

3. How does Mrs. Malloy feel about being a milliner?

4. How does Cornelius feel about Mrs. Malloy in Act 2? At what point is this revealed?

5. How does Cornelius plan to stay in the store without buying a hat?

6. Describe the character Malachi.

7. What does Cornelius do to ensure he can get the time off work to go to New York?

8. What worries Minnie about Mr. Vandergelder's potential marriage proposal?

9. Describe the character Ambrose.

10. What big plans does Mr. Vandergelder have at the beginning of The Matchmaker?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several characters in The Matchmaker have been married before and lost their spouse. Choose from one of the following characters and examine how this loss affected their life.

- Mr. Vandergelder.

- Mrs. Malloy.

- Mrs. Levi.

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Vandergelder has a particular work ethic. Based on the text, describe it in detail.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze Miss Van H. and her lot in life. Why is this significant to the conclusion of The Matchmaker?

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