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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Levi predict Mr. Vandergelder's life path?

2. Yonkers is how many miles north of New York City?

3. How much does Mrs. Levi want to borrow from Mr. Vandergelder?

4. According to legend, what did the Hackls build?

5. According to Mrs. Malloy, marriage offers excellent _______.

Short Essay Questions

1. What big plans does Mr. Vandergelder have at the beginning of <i>The Matchmaker</i>?

2. What display of emotion is shown by Mrs. Malloy at the end of Act 2, and why?

3. How does Mrs. Malloy feel about being a milliner?

4. Describe the character Ermengarde.

5. What comedic mishap takes place with champagne?

6. At the beginning of <i>The Matchmaker</i>, what is the relationship between Cornelius and Mr. Vandergelder?

7. What worries Minnie about Mr. Vandergelder's potential marriage proposal?

8. Why is Ermengarde worried about being in a restaurant with Ambrose?

9. What does Mrs. Malloy tell Minnie the best part of marriage is?

10. Why does Miss Van H. want to help Cornelius?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Levi exercises unusual means in accepting Mr. Vandergelder's marriage proposal. What are they and why does she do this?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the relationship between Mr. Vandergelder and one of the following characters in The Matchmaker.

- Ambrose.

- Joe.

- Cornelius.

Essay Topic 3

Mr. Vandergelder is looking for a wife in The Matchmaker. Compare and contrast the quality of relationship the following match would give him and why, based on examples from the text.

- Mr. Vandergelder and Mrs. Malloy.

- Mr. Vandergelder and Miss Simple.

- Mr. Vandergelder and Mrs. Levi.

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