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Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Vandergelder enters Act 2 with whom?

2. What does Malachi claim to want from Mr. Vandergelder?

3. How long has Cornelius worked for Mr. Vandergelder?

4. According to Mrs. Malloy, people think milliners are what?

5. Who are Cornelius and Barnaby hiding from in Act 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Malloy hesitate to return Mr. Vandergelder's purse?

2. What actions show Miss Van H. to be an eccentric character?

3. Who is the second group to show up at Miss Van H.'s house and how does Miss Van H. treat them?

4. Why does Barnaby protest the bath offered by Miss Van H.?

5. What is Mr. Vandergelder's philosophy on people in the world and what is his history with this diagnosis?

6. What surprising acts of kindness are demonstrated by Mr. Vandergelder at the end of Act 4?

7. What is the cabman worried about, based on Mr. Vandergelder's request?

8. What has Mrs. Levi discovered about Mr. Vandergelder and what does she plan to do about it?

9. What worries Minnie about Mr. Vandergelder's potential marriage proposal?

10. Why does Miss Van H. want to help Cornelius?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

At the beginning of the play, Mr. Vandergelder is seen as all powerful, controlling many of the characters' lives. Citing examples from the text, examine how Mr. Vandergelder's hold over the characters lessens throughout The Matchmaker and why.

Essay Topic 2

Several characters in The Matchmaker have been married before and lost their spouse. Choose from one of the following characters and examine how this loss affected their life.

- Mr. Vandergelder.

- Mrs. Malloy.

- Mrs. Levi.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the different philosophies held by Mr. Vandergelder and Mrs. Levi regarding money.

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